What feature do you think Musing is lacking?
Musing has some nice functionalities for questions and answers, but probable all of us are feeling that some kind of feature is missing from the platform and we want what that/those would be.

For a long time now, I have been using just my mobile phone to interact on the steem blockchain and this includes musing.io because my computer is bad.

So, my recommendations are based on my experiences with using musing on my mobile phone.

Features I would love to see are;

• Night mood

I believe this a key feature as many people (including me) have issues with the eye. My eyes pain and gets itchy every time I look through the brightness of my phone's monitor for a long period of time.

• Resteem

I used to think answers to questions on musing only appear as comments on the Steem blockchain but realizing it is possible to make them appear as posts on Steemit brings me thoughts about the possibility to have a resteem feature implemented on musing.

This feature should be such that one can resteem an answer to his/her blog on Steemit as well as to his/her friends and followers on musing.

In the past, I have read some great answers that I would have resteemed them for more visibility, if it was possible.

Moreover, I believe this action too will also promote musing by giving it more visibility.

• Upload picture

From my findings, it is possible to upload pictures to musing only through the desktop web browser application at the moment.

In a case where I have include to picture(s) in my answer, I always upload the picture(s) to a picture hosting website (https://postimages.org) then copy the link to the picture and include it to my answer on musing.io

This action is very boring and time consuming.

• Styling formats

This is another feature that is only available through the desktop web browser application.

By styling, I mean applying things like bold, Italic, numbering, headings ets to words or answers.

Maybe there are shortcuts to achieve these styling formats on mobile but the truth is that I don't know if any exists.

• Preview

The ability to see what I have written before posting. I do not know if this feature is available on desktop but I think it would not be too important to have it on mobile without the ability to upload pictures and stylish a post.

These are the features that I can figure out, maybe there are more.

Thank you for your time!


Well as much as I like to be here in Musing there are indeed few things missing which will sure make the Musing experience much more amazing and user friendly as well.

For instance more marketing of the app that it exists similar to Quora which will make more users come to Musing and try it out as a result it would get the exposure that it needs in order to make a place for itself in the Q & A platforms.

Next Mobile app, while this is something that we might get in the next year for the users as users who like to explore Musing with Mobile device they are missing some of the features to use while answering a question.

Next comes the tag issue for a user while posting an answer as a comment, if we could use our own tag while posting an answer as a post this could really help us in few ways. 

While the way it is slowly approaching we are learning and improving on our way. So lets just keep on going and be posting and answering questions and keep the interaction in flow for us all.  


Steem Blockchain is a Wonderful Platform for people all over the World. I'm sure that most of the Steemians are enjoying their Journey but some of us feel that there's Something, Somewhere missing on the Steem Blockchain.

My recommendation to the Steem Blockchain would be that an enhancement in Communication between Steemains and communication between Steem Blockchain would bring Great results! Contests, Chat, Massive Giveaway's and other fun things could make Steem further Great and attract new Stemians from other social media platforms!

Steem Blockchain would be competent with the leading social media platforms in the near future as People are getting well versed with technology and are Wanting to make an Attempt to Monetize the time they spent, Which gives Steem an big Advantage.

Quora is the Main competition to Musing but the competition will get more interesting in the near future as Rewards will attract more Users from other platforms on the Steem Blochchain.

Timely updates, Interesting new features, etc. Would result in making Steem more successful and Stable.


To me I have been using musing for some days now and I can say for now, musing is going just perfectly smoothly and good. I don't really think musing is really lacking some functionalities for now because musing is going smoothly for me.

Musing have a great future ahead and I am happy that I am also part of musing user.



@Sm-goldies, As we have Categories for Content, same way if we have categories for the questions then for sure Musing will become more explorative. Stay blessed. 🙂