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Would you rather choose a job which can be very stressing but pays well or a job that is stress-free but does not make your ends meet?

Well after almost 40 years of incredibly stressful but well paying jobs I can say for certain which side of the coin I land on for this question.

Providing for myself and my family has always been more important to me than having a stress free job. I've worked every shift imaginable, I've worked 72 hours straight, over 90 hours a week for a month solid, I've worked 37 days in a row without having a day off.

I did it for my family (and myself of course).

Now that I have been forced to retire due to health reasons, the question becomes: Would I do it this way again?

And the answer is yes, I would. My family is the most important thing to me and if working myself into an grave is what will ensure them a comfortable future with their needs attended to, then yes by all means I would put myself through it all again.

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I will choose a job which can be very stressing but pays well. Why do I need a job in the first place? Isn't because I have needs and wants that needs to be taken care of financially? These needs never disappear, as you handle one another comes up. Taking a job that pays less over a job that pays more because it is stress free means you are not ready to be someone in life. Nothing good comes easy.

Nobody ever made it by looking for stress free job. People are out there working out their butts with 4 stress free jobs per day just to make ends meet, that to me is the same as one stressful job that pays you well.

The joy that comes with the realization that you can take care of your needs is indescribable. Responsibility comes with a price. To be a man they said is not a days job. How about take the job, suffer it for a while, save enough and start your own stress free business where you are the boss with perhaps employees. To make it in life, you must sacrifice


Does the question presuppose that cutting your living expenses is not an option? If yes, that's not a choice at all. If no, it would depend on how much I'd have to cut my expenses. Also, it would depend on how stressful the former job would be and how long I would have to be doing it. What would be the likely price to pay for taking it in terms of health and later work capacity? If I have to give 110%, it means that some kind of debt is accumulating. That's a difficult choice depending on a lot of variables.