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Cite 3 things you would do if you win the lottery. Do you think it will solve all your problems in life?

It all depends on the amount of money I get from winning but I would probably do these things

1)Find a nice house/apartment to buy to secure shelter

2)Partition the money I got into into 3 shares, 1 to invest on things that generate passive income, 1 for day to day expenditures for at least a few years and 1 for emergencies.

3)Focus on doing things I enjoy since I'm free of the dread of not having enough money!


The first thing I would do is take care of my personal debt.  I wouldn't begin to purchase anything until all of my outstanding loans were taken care of.

The second thing I would do is try to help my family members with any debt they might have.  I would determine a fixed amount of money that I would share with each of them.  It would all be equal and no one member would get any more than the other.

Finally, I would establish some funds that gain interest and then that annual interest is used to support charities.  I like the idea of helping out other people and organizations.

I don't think it would solve all of my problems.  You know what they say "mo money mo problems"  I would potentially still work and just use the lottery money as supplemental income. I guess it really just depends on how much I won.


I don't think it would solve all the things in my life but may make life  a little easier.

I would look after my parents by financially supporting them as a thank you for everything they have done for me. I would make sure they had the comforts that they deserve.

I would have a nice holiday somewhere and probably buy another house and then put the rest away. I would look for an investment opportunity that would benefit me in the future and carry on living as I am. it would free up my mind knowing i had financial security for the future and wouldn't drastically change me or my life.


Okay if I may rephrase your question for better understanding, it will be

"Cite 3 things you will do if you win a lottery. Do you think it will solve all your problems in life?"

Well what can I say? Winning lotteries comes with surprises and that's why a whole lot of people end up spending lottery funds ostentatiously because it wasn't planned for, that's why the first thing I'll do if I win a lottery will be to take the money and put it in q fixed deposit account.

I'll take some time to map out business strategies while the money is in the bank yielding profit, this may take me up to two years so as not to invest rashly then I'll definitely invest in a wonderful business that will yield a lot of profit for me.

Thirdly I'll build myself a nice house when my business starts yielding profit, mind you when it starts yielding money, then as times goes on I can plan vacations and travel round the world which I've always wanted