What are major mistakes that you believe that many people do in their teenage years or early twenties?

I think one of the mistakes people make in their young age or in their teenage age is the wrong choice of friendship, parents are often wary of the friendship choices their teenage children make and they try so much to open the eyes of teenagers to the right kind of friendship but the truth is that teenagers are more attracted to the wrong kinds friendship because believe it or not teenagers are psychologically attracted to things that are often flashy often trendy and attracted to the opposite sex and the wrong kind of friendship actually activates all these kinds of things in teenagers and this comes with the wrong kind of friendship exposure.

Which often results to teenage pressure and also bring about things like drugs smoking illegal juvenile activities like picking pocket and other anti-social teenage behaviour which in the first place was brought about by the wrong kind of friendship the wrong kind of friendship is like a genesis of drugs an addiction which comes about from teenage pressure, illicit sex and disobedience of public laws, improper dressing and a whole lot of things.

Another mistake is the choice of career most teenagers make the wrong choices of careers because they are being influenced by the wealth and affluence of people that are currently in the same kind of career for example most teenagers want to be musicians or footballers even when they actually do not have the names or the talents but the fact that musicians and footballers are very rich it influences their career choices in life which makes them have old school in order to chase after this and at the end of the day they end up with nothing so one very basic mistake mostly just make is the wrong choice of career as a result of lack of counselling from guardians or parents.


There are a couple of major mistakes that I think teens and early adults make.

This is my personal opinion and there are plenty of people out there who defy my logic and I understand that.

First, I think that too many young people these days are irresponsible with their money when it is most important.

Younger kids are getting actual jobs much earlier these days and somehow they are blowing through that money much to quickly.  When I was younger the jobs were pretty defined.  My buddy worked for a lumber yard, but most people didn't have jobs.  Their life was school and it was their job to get good grades.  

Occasionally they would mow a lawn or do some baby sitting to make some extra money, but having a full time job wasn't that common.  Today it is more common.  Many times the money they are making is going to help their parents pay the bills or they are throwing it away on disposable income type things like cell phones, drugs, vehicles, vehicle upgrades, things like that.

I wish I had been given the advice to open a Roth IRA or investment/savings account as soon as I was able.  My parents were pretty fiscally responsible and they instilled some good habits in me, but like all young adults with some newfound independence I went a little crazy.

I wish now I had been give some more advice about investing and things that like.  It would have put me in a much better position for the life that I am living now.  Luckily the only financial problems I had were from being laid off, but many young people these days are entering adult-hood with financial issues and then they are only compounding as things they get older and problems/expenses get bigger and bigger.

Additionally, I think that many young people are getting married or starting families much to early.  I think that many young people these days are much to immature to be dealing with some of the responsibilities and  decisions they are bringing upon themselves.  Either they aren't ready to handle them or they haven't been taught the skills to handle them by their parents.

I know that 20 year old me might have thought he was ready for a wife and a family, but I am so glad that wasn't in the cards fore me.  I don't see it ending very well if that had been the road I had taken.  I still had a lot of growing up to do and it wasn't until I was closer to 30 that those things started making more sense and having a chance of being successful if they became reality.

Chances are your high school sweetheart isn't going to be the person you spend the rest of your life with.  Sometimes it works out, but many times neither of you even know who you are as a person or what you need to be for yourself.  How can you know what you need to be for another person.  

There you have it.  Those are some things that I think people do when they are young that could end up being mistakes.


Drinking, smoking and drugs.

It's sad to see so many teens or youngsters smoking right outside their school, drinking energy drinks and eating junk food. This can have serious consequences later but they just don't care. I've known a 16 year old boy having surgery due to  peptic ulcer . 

Heavy drinking  is also a problem. Not to mention drugs. These should be avoided. Drinking moderately is not damaging, but you have to know the limits. Getting drunk every weekend is not something you should do. 


Concentrating on dating 

Dating is fine. Everyone does it. In any case, it shouldn't be need number 1, 2 or even 3 at 20– 23. 

The perfect individual will come as well as you can truly make this a need at 27– 30. 

2. Not organizing the ideal individuals/concentrating on the ideal individuals 

Your family and genuine companions 

You just need to inspire few individuals throughout everyday life 

3. Not organizing errands at work 

Work shrewd not simply hard 

4. Not getting the hang of impacting others well 

Most youngsters say `I need to begin my very own business`. Be that as it may, to do that, it bodes well to figure out how to impact others and how to oversee capital. 

Connections are enter in business. 

5. Not concentrating on close to home wellbeing 

It will deteriorate on the off chance that you don't chip away at it 

In correlation on the off chance that you remain fit, you can be similarly as solid at 35 

6. Not concentrating on information identified with your vocation, and individual fund