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What should be blamed for terrorism in all countries?

Religion. Yes. Religion has led many into doing things they ought not to do.

It's not that religion teaches people to be violent and terrorize their fellow men. Many people today have perverted justice to justify their unruly habits and actions.

Men and women in different places have defaced religion and concort claims that don't exist.

It had fueled many into riding on the vehicles of hate with destruction for a destination. Yet, all they see as they do this is some 'white elephant' reward for uncanny service.

I weep when I see what humanity has become. This definitely wasn't what the creator designed it to be.

Religion has definitely caused more bad than good.


Realizing so great a loss caused by a terrorist act, and the direct perceived impact is the obligation of the government to immediately investigate the Terrorism Criminal Act by punishing perpetrators and intellectual actors behind every act of terrorism. This is a top priority in law enforcement.

Indeed, it cannot be blamed if terrorism is linked to human rights issues, because the consequences of terrorism are sacrificed by many human beings, innocent people are made the cost of savagery and peace of life between human beings clearly at stake.

In most cases apparently religion is not only suspected of providing ideology, but also the motivation and organizational structure of the perpetrators. Even so, that does not mean that terrorism is not a crime, especially if it is related to the problem of its macro impact even though using the category "Jihad."

If innocent humans become victims and the public interest is broken apart, and the State is hit by National Disharmonization, then the category "Jihad" as well as any religious reasoning that justifies the savagery is questionable.

Based on the above law, the government plays a role in maintaining the continuity of national development and creating a safe, peaceful and dynamic atmosphere for the community, namely by increasing the prevention of all forms of threats that interfere with national stability and provide appropriate punishment for terrorists, in order to prevent, overcome and eradicate terrorism.


Hi. I believe that terrorism is as a result of citizens been neglected their right to gain from the nations wealth especially when it's obvious the country is partial in allocating what a particular region or state is supposed to enjoy.

For example, if a particular state in a country is rich in oil and the government gives them very little or nothing to support that state, especially it's indigenes, this could result to terrorism if care isn't taken. Though the growth of the entire country is very important but the people living there should be given something at least for sustainability. Just imagine a state having an oil spillage due to tapping from it's resources and at the end of the day, weren't compensated in any way? This can result to terrorism.

Also, terrorism can sprut up as a result of the nation neglecting they youths. When these very important group is neglected and they feel cheated, they might have no other option but to be terrorist.


Terrorism is usually related to people who have religious afflictions and who carry out violent acts on other people. 

However, it is not only terrorism and it is a mistake to associate terrorism with groups that use religion as a shield or motive to generate violence, since a terrorist act is a manifestation of violence, that is, when a cartel, anarchic cell, paramilitary group or other armed group carries out any violent act, it must also be mentioned as a terrorist act.

For example and to make me understand a little more in the 90's Colombia lived one of the biggest wars against drugs in history led by a man (Pablo Escobar) who wanted to make himself heard by exploding cars, houses and buildings throughout the country, well that was also terrorism. He had no religious or social discrepancy, he just wanted his will to be done.

The uprising of terrorist acts does not depend on a why, but on someone, and what that someone does to try to be heard, feared or obeyed.

Then terrorism for me surpasses an idea, and becomes the result of man's own sovereignty because he wants to achieve something.


Often, terrorism is caused by extremist ideology, religious or secular. Terrorism is by definition an attempt by an individual or a group at influencing public policy by committing atrocities that cause terror in the population. 

(The word terror or reign of terror is reserved to mean purposeful efforts on part of a tyrannical government to rule a population by fear.)


Most all of the terrorism I see is based out of Religion. More people have died in the name of religion than anything else in the world. It is sad to see how people twist their religious views to justify killing their fellow man. 


Religion is not to be blamed for terrorism but wrong ideologies and intolerance . Some people are trying to impose their Iecologies on others and the only way they think they can do that is through ruthless force (terrorism ). If we can learn to accept each other and the differences of one another, our world will be a very peaceful place.