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How important is age in a relationship?

In India we give so much importance to age when it comes to relationship. This question can be considered in two ways, one can be able to the right age to get into a relationship and another would be to say what age difference the boy and girl should have if they should start their relationship. I would like to provide answers in both the perspectives. Though there are some rare cases where people don't prefer checking age difference when it comes to marriage, almost in 90 % of marriages and relationships in India, age plays a vital role. This has been the case for ages. There are few reasons why age is important in a relationship. I'm someone who strongly believe in this concept and I have even seen this evidently in my family members as well. 

I come from a traditional family where joint family system was prevailing. In most of the traditional families it is always arranged marriages, only in very rare cases love marriages happen. That too the concept of love marriages are getting popular only in the recent years. Though it was available even long back, the cases are increasing gradually in the recent years. But when it comes to relationships, either it is arranged or love marriage age is definitely big factor according to me. It is usually common that men are always elder than the women. That is how the natural formation of relationships happen in India. Like I said earlier only in rare cases otherwise happens. 


When there is a good age difference between the bride and the groom, it is believed that there will be good understanding throughout the life. One side will end up being the listening side and another end will become the dominating side. When I say dominating, it doesn't mean that they are doing it to take control of their partner but it is mere understanding between the two just to make sure who makes decisions for what. When two people argue about decision making, it will become a head ache. If one person decides that they will take the decisions and the other person decides that they will abide by the decision made, then there will be a great understanding in the relationship. 

Age difference avoids ego issues

Usually when the boy and girl are of same age, there is a high possibility that they both will try to make a point and disagree with their partner. It is all because of a ego clash. In the initial days it might look solvable but as the relationship deepens there will be ego issues continuously and it can even sometimes become a cold war between the couple. When there is age difference between the couple, the ego issues automatically settles down. One will continue to agree to whatever the other says and another person will understand that they will agree and not be more dominating. 

Maturity comes after certain age

Not all the boys and girls are very sharp during their young age. For some people maturity can come only after a certain age. Until they get that maturity the boy and girl would just be more curious and inquisitive to explore new things about relationship. Considering this factor, age is very important for any relationship. It is mandatory that they have to think about relationships only after a certain age. If they happen to think about relationship during very young age, it may not end up fruitful as their mind and body will not be physically and mentally be ready for a relationship. It can even go wrong at times. I'm not saying that the marriages should happen only late but I'm trying to say that the marriages and relationships should not happen when they are too young. 

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In establishing relationships, besides age also must be considered emotional maturity and maturity. Because there are also couples at a certain age but have not reached maturity in establishing relationships. But there is also a young age but has shown emotional maturity and maturity in thinking and acting.

So, that age is a number. It should be the concern in establishing a relationship that is emotional readiness and maturity between individuals who are in that relationship. But, at an early age who have not reached puberty, you should not establish a relationship first. Because this affects things that undesirable because they are still in their infancy and are still unstable.

At an early age, curiosity is usually higher than rational thinking. So that in establishing relationships, it prioritizes lust and emotion. So it is very vulnerable to body violence and sexual violence.

Relationships that are interwoven at an early age are also very susceptible to failure. Very such relationships fail will have an impact on their psychology. Will arise a prolonged trauma and difficult to move on. The effect is on social life and arise distrust of their partners later on.

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Well, this is a good question.

Well personally speaking,I think it's a two sided thing for me.

Age is important when it comes to getting into a relationship and also it's not a criteria for a successful relationship.

I agree that it's important you get to some certain age let's say from 18 years and above before even considering going into a serious relationship and also there are people who are far older in their age but lack real maturity with the way they handle things.

So my point is that age is important but also you have to consider other factors before thinking of going into a relationship.

You have to be ready mentally, physiological and I will say spiritually for me.

You have to have good knowledge about relationships because you will need it when you are inside so it goes beyond just having feelings alone or being of age also.


That depends on the age of the the couple. It should not matter but it does and it's important. When there's a considerable age gap between the two, at some point, later on, problems can occur and it's also important who's the oldest, the woman or the man. It's not the same thing, unfortunately. 

If you ask me, a few years does not count, it's ok but nit more than five years. No matter how strong love is at first, differences can make life harder. 


 Age is most important in a healthy relationship because I think understanding each other develop through age consequences. A man in a relationship can better understand the partner feeling and their situation. Both can tackle situation very easily because they understand what's right and wrong. 

They make the decision and any type of things handle very carefully, that's why age is matter in that case where a husband & wife or in friendship both easily keep relation to lasting forever.  Both are live life-friendly and makes good understanding each other on anyways.  


Personally,  i believe age shouldn't  matter in any relationship because in reality age is just a number used to measure one's  stay on this earth but what really matters is love. 

Love supersedes  all things including age.  Love is that intense unexplainable  feeling you get when you are with someone  almost like butterflies are in your tummy. 

Love conquers all things even the presence of extreme hatred love would still suffice. 

In a nutshell,  age shouldn't  matter but love should be paramount.


It gets less imperative the more seasoned you get. 

The more youthful you are the greater the effect. Those couple of years could mean a colossal effect on development level. 

Be that as it may, if your 60 and dating a multi year old is it extremely that huge an arrangement? You'll presumably have family and numerous years under both your belts. 

Would you be able to date somebody under 17? I don't have the foggiest idea about the laws in your state. I don't see an immense issue (actually) with being 20 and dating a multi year old. On the other hand my folks are 10 years separated!