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What is the perfect time to marry?

The perfect time to get married depends on an individual and not based on any specific age .

There is no specific time design by God for anyone to get married,it is men that are fixing time and age that someone should get married.

Age is not a criteria to getting married,all your qualifications and age means nothing when it comes to getting married.

It depends on if the individual is ready A capable to handle responsibility and also if the individual is ready mentally, spiritually and financially also.

Most people think that age is a qualification to getting married but I dare say it's not true,you can get married any time you want and when you know you are ready for marriage.

Marriage is not a game,it's a life time commitment so it's something you should think thoroughly before entering.

So there is no specific time design for people to get married, there are great people in history who got married at 16 and 17 and had a very successful marriage life and there are many today who got married at maybe 30 which most people think now adays is the perfect timing and yet couldn't stay married.

So my advice also is don't let anyone pressurized you into marriage because of your age,it's dangerous to do so because afterall it's your life, your marriage.

So the question is not your age but the question is are you ready for marriage?


The best time to get married is when you're confident that you can handle the responsibilities that comes with marriage and when you are financially stable.

There is no specific age for marriage. Some individuals get married as early as a 18 while some wait till are 40 before they get married. The common denominator you'd find is that they have reached financial stability and the ability to take responsibility for their actions must.

One must understand that marriage is not a day job. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. It's not something to be rushed into, it cannot be handled with kid's gloves.

So the individual must take his time to plan out what is going to be involved in the marriage. He must weigh his options and think about the decision he's about to make, if it would be beneficial in the long run.

Marriage is for responsibility.

Another thing should know that marriage is not just for satisfaction. Marriage is to individuals coming together to help themselves fulfill purpose marriage.

Marriage is is not sex neither is it to gain rulership, advantage over the other It is two coming together to contribute their individual quota to ensuring that their goals are met and their collective purposes are achieved.


You are probably going to get a lot of different replies to this question.  For me though I really feel like the best time to marry is when you are in your mid 20's.

By then you should be out of college or pretty established in your career if you didn't go to college to be able to know what you want.

I think it is great that these high school sweet heart couples are able to stand the test of time, but I also think there are a lot of people that end up with their sweetheart and years later are miserable because they finally grew up and realized that isn't what they wanted all along.

Or they don't end up with their high school sweetheart and are thankful because they realize oh my gosh what a huge mistake that would have been.

When you are young, you are still guided mostly by your hormones and you really lack the focus to be getting married.

You don't know what you are going to do the next week, let alone knowing what it should mean to be committed to another person for the rest of your life.

I would hope that by the time you reach your mid twenties you will know what you want out of life, you will be ready to settle down and have a mature relationship.


Well in my point of view when a person is successful and they can fulfill any needs after the marriage that can be the right moment to get to marry.

While every person have different opinions some even say when two person falls in love they can marry as well. 

Some say that at the early age of the life like 23-25 years could be the ideal age to get married so that they can spend more time with each other and get a nice family as well.

While some says after being matured and getting to know the life could be the best possible time to get married.

Well like I said, different person have different thoughts it is you who decides when to take that golden decision.