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WHAT are the benefits of smoking?

There are so many benefits of smoking. Most young people smoke for the enjoyment of it. Some smoke because they are addicted to it and others smoke due to pressure from friends.

In all the reasons people smoke, here are some benefits of smoking.

1. Smoking leads to high blood pressure. If you have low blood pressure and you want to increase it, then I suggest you try smoking.

2. Takes you closer to your grave. For those people who are depressed and want to die early, especially without people saying you took your life, I think smoking is just for you. Smokers are liable to die young.

3. Makes you look old. If you have a pretty young face and would want to have the looks of an old man/woman, then consider smoking. Smoking sort of gives you a wrinkled face if practiced over time.

4. Smoking makes you high. For those people who lack self confidence and would wallow in self destruction and self doubt, smoking is just the best antidote for you. It helps you forget your sorrows and problems, albeit for the time being. It makes you go high. Don't worry, when you celebrate low, you can smoke again.


You’ll keep people who don’t REALLY love you at a distance because you STINK.

If you hate life but don’t have the balls to kill yourself, it’ll be over sooner.

A gnarley-sounding raspy voice.

You look cool. (To idiots.)

If rebellious towards the government, it’s a good way to stick it to the man and drive up their debt with your medical expenses as you sit in a hospital bed dying.

And completely opting-out of personal responsibility for one’s personal health & well-being.

(NOTE: this sarcastic answer is obviously biased, although on a serious note, I still DO advocate the free right for every person to choose how to experience their body, smoking included.)


Some people may claim that smoking help their brain to relax or feel high but to me, I don't think smoking have any benefits as it even dangerous to our healths.

Like I said some people may claim that when they smoke, at that time they smoke, their brain and mind relaxes from all the problems or thinking that may be passing through their mind. Some people also claim that smoking helps them to feel high.

And also we should notice that it is not only cigarette that is been smoked as there are many substances like that that is been smoked which make the body brain or mind to feel high. It is in form of drinking alcohol. At that period when smoking, you tend to think less or even none about your problems and so at that particular time when smoking, it will seems like the person is not passing through problems but the feelings is just for a while.



Ahha, there comes a question like this!!

I love this type of reverse question. We all used to say and have to listen every time that  smoking kills, smoking is bad etc. Yeas, its true, there is no way it it not true. But who used to smoke does not give a damn to all that saying. 

There is no health benefits of smoking, does not depends what ever you are putting on that stick. The process of puffing make it unhealthy and the particles which re in the thing is all harmful for our body.

But I have to approve that smoking helps you to get rid of your tension for a while. It is not like the specific 'smoking' helps. It is more likely our habits and dependency on taking this when we feel tension. Our brain gives us the signal to take smoke to feel fresh. It's just our habitual reflection nothing else I believe. 

As a past smoker I know it really works! But I have to approve that this is not a healthy way of living.

Though you will find many researches which talks about weed smoking is good for your health and brain. But I am not sure about the fact. In addition smoking works like an addition so it would be much better to stay out of it no matter what a bit health benefits it can provides. 


I do not believe that there is any long term benefits of smoking but me state the possible benefit that most smokers believe that they get from smoking....

Most substance which are smoked by smokers do contain "Nicotine"which is a very pleasurable and also an addictive drug,..and that is why it has really become such a plague and It is legal and, unlike other drugs like the alcohol and the marijuana, it does not actually impair performance.

the Nicotine also activates the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, which is a factor that both increase the actual release of the "dopamine" as well as also make some neurons to be actually more responsive to it...

Dopamine is actually the brain’s reward chemical. So nicotine do really make the smokers feel good, it also actually work as a pleasure amplifier...for example just sit down and Watch an individual who does not smoke regularly,after a long period of not smoking just watch him or her light up the smoke and see the actual great smile that crosses their face....

Smokers also feel that nicotine makes them less anxious and smoking generally helps to tamper with theit emotional mood and they find pleasure in such an event...


I don't think smoking has any benefits. Most people smoke just to kill time. While others smoke so as to forget their worries. People smoke so that their stress can be lessened too.

Smoking does not have any good effect on someone's life as it is a dangerous habit. It is better to stay without smoking than to be a smoker.


The smoking have really much benefits, if you think about it.

Growing and processing the tobacco offer jobs for lot of people.

Trading, or also black-market trading and smuggling give a really good income the participants, and when they are purchase anything with that money, that means tax-income the government budget.

The tobacco-products have high taxes everywhere, so the politicians can get more money, and they can buy more expensive, nice cars.

You have to pay a significant amount of money for the smoking in each day, so you have to work more, that means more tax again.

So there is more big benefits of the smoking.

If you are curious, what are the benefits for the customer, there is only one, the nicotine is a mild relaxant, but a half stick is enough for a whole day...


Smoking reduces stress.

So occasional smoking could be beneficial but very few people are occasional smokers.


Merokok memang tidak ada manfaatnya

Tetapi dengan merokok akan membantu rasa stress seseorang

Smoking is of no use

But smoking will help a person's stress


Sometimes which we assume danger is not always dangerous. Although we often read on cigarette packs or advertising media that "smoking kills you". 

Maybe so far in our society, cigarettes have always been labeled as the main killer of humans besides cancer. There have even been many articles and news that tell about the dangers of cigarettes for human health.

If you are the one who agrees with the dangers of smoking, you should think again. Because it turns out that cigarettes also bring benefits to your health. The benefits of smoking have also been studied by a study, and can be scientifically proven.

From a number of articles and trusted sources I quoted, it was explained that:

1. Smoking reduces the risk of Parkinson's disease

2.  Smoking makes healing faster recover from heart disease

3. Smoking prevents asthma and allergies

4. Nicotine kills germs that cause tuberculosis

5. Suppresses the risk of obesity

The five benefits of smoking above, I quote from: https://www.brilio.net/life/nggak-melulu-buruk-ini-5-manfaat-baik-rokok-yang-perlu-kamu-tahu-150330v.html

I do not recommend that you try smoking in order to prove the benefits of smoking as such told above.

That explanation is certainly very controversial with what we know all this time related smoking.

I do not have the capacity to justify and also blame let alone deny research. Because until now I still smoke.


I don't think smoking has any advantages. because there are so many chemicals in cigarettes. and many diseases caused by smoking. such as coronary heart disease, cancer, hypertension, and many other diseases. and if you see the cause of death in this world, smoking is number 2 the biggest cause of death after alcoholic drinks. then from my opinion smoking doesn't have any advantages. not only does it disrupt health, but smoking also causes financial depletion.


There are absolutely no benefits to smoking. The only thing you will get out of smoking is emphysema and cancer. If anyone ever tries to tell you there is an upside or a benefit to smoking they are a moron. You should immediately go away from those people because you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.


Seriously? I don't believe smoking has benefits. I only know of its harm and danger to a smoker's body.