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Does anyone have problems posting answers? I have written several answers but when I give "publish" it says "loading" and never publishes it.?

YES it happens to me often that I write my answer and it stays loading, a lot of time.

Sometimes if I leave something written and I do not publish it, I return in a while and the page refreshes and I lose everything I wrote.

Sometimes my answers are duplicated.

I think the problem is the speed of my internet.

Good luck my friend, I thought I was the only one with these problems

You are beautiful...!!


Yeah sometimes it happens .It happened to me few times while if I see anything like that I copy my answer to a spread sheet or notepad in my PC and I refresh the page and paste it on the answer tab.

While it is safe to be assume that the timeout or keeping a long time in a page without any activity could lead to that problem but everytime this kind of problem happens copy the answer and do what is necessary.