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Is it possible to send money from a paypal account to an account in normal $? If it's possible, how do you do that?

In order to do this, the bank account (the normal account) must first be added to your paypal account.

Once you have entered the information (you can get the required information from a check for instance) such as routing number and account number Paypal will need to "verify" the account.

This is done by sending 2 small (under $1 each) deposits to the account in question. They will normally appear in 2-3 days. Once they are in your bank account, you simply enter the amounts sent in the Paypal verification screen. If correct, your account will be verified and you will be able to send money directly from your Paypal account to your bank account in normal $.

The verification is done to ensure that you as the owner of the Paypal account are also the owner of the bank account. Once a bank account is verified in Paypal you can both send money to AND take money from that account so they need to make sure it is your account.

Once you have all that done you can initiate a transfer to your bank account by

Logging into Paypal

Clicking the Wallet option at the top of the menu

Make sure the option on the left under "Payment Methods" is set to Paypal Balance

On the right click "Transfer Money"

Choose "To Your Bank"

Enter the required information of how much you want to send to your bank account

And that's it. It will tell you how long it will/should take before it will arrive at your bank (your bank might not allow you to access it right away, but that is your bank and not Paypal) and you are done



Log in to your PayPal account,

enter the amount you want to withdraw,

and select the bank account to receive the money.

Click on the send button and The amount you entered will be transferred to your local bank account.