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How do you recommend using the steem? How are you using your steem now that it is low?

To answer your question. I recommend storing steem in the form of SP. By saving SP, we will get several benefits:

* Increases power, so that post and upvote payments will increase.

* Avoid inflation thanks to compensation from the system, even though it is not compensated full 100% but the inflation rate becomes much smaller than STEEM inflation.

That is the answer and what I am doing now at a low price. Enlarging SP is one method that I use now because of the low price.


I use my STEEM the same way I did the weeks before: by powering up to SP and then by voting. Especially now it's a great time to be active on Steemit: Fewer people are and your chance to get known are bigger ;)


Firstly, it's not really 'low' now, just lower than its high of $7. Last year it was as low as $0.06 and as such, now is a good time to work harder, get more Steem in your wallet and power up, ready for the next price rise, which in the future shall surely come at some time!

Steem is not really about the now, its about the future so now is the time to put in some extra effort.

Stop looking at the prices and examine why you are on Steemit. Its a great place to meet new people and join communities and read and write and share something about your life!

Don't despair and keep on Steeming, work today, reap the benefits tomorrow :-)