Is it possible that someone who is not using social media and he can still find a girlfriend?
I was wondering for previous generations loves. Like in the past without social medias like facebook and instagram they could find eachother but now is it possible?
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Well yes, most certainly and I think guys like that may even be prepared to guys that actually use social media and that's because they'll be free from the common "dual life" syndrome that most people on social media have which is having one life, then living another one completely on social media.

Guys who don't do social media are free from the exposure of modern day social media. Girls dating guys like this don't have to worry about the man cheating with random girls on line or doing g things like sliding into different girls DNA and as such temptation on the guys part will be drastically reduced.

I imagine that a guy who isn't into social media whatsoever would probably be a dream for most women because of all the benefits that come with not using it. I probably check my Instagram a couple of times in between answering questions and I'm sure that time would be out to creative use by someone who doesn't use social media

If you ask me, not using social media will actually boost your chances of getting a girlfriend because she's going to know that you're mature enough to know that news on social media is always doctored, and with him what you see is what you get. He's not going for to post a picture with abs today, then the day you meet him suddenly develop a pot belly over night.

If you're single and you have the time, I recommend that all single people try not using social media for a week. It would probably give each of us a new perspective on how privacy and personal time works and these are two things that guys who don't use social media understand very well.

I imagine that you might feel that without social media, a. Guy may be unable to tell a girl what he wants and how he feels but from what I've seen, there's no real correlation between the two. As humans we learn how to talk with women more as we pass through life and I can tell you that most of what I know about women I didn't learn it from social media.

So to answer your questions, I think that guys who don't use social media can still find girlfriends, there's no reason or correlation whatsoever that suggests other wise.

I hope this helps.

What has changed since then and now. You can still meet people without social media.

Most people meet by going out and maybe through friends of friends. Yes you can find people on social media but it is much better meeting someone face to face.

A small percentage find each other on social media as most people who are looking for a girl friend go out to clubs and parties. You may get lucky on a website but your odds are better going out.

Of course it's possible, there are a number of scenarios for you to know love, in fact I dare say that even though it is perhaps easier to find someone through social networks, using more "old" methods is more solid and denotes a more real and severe interaction with people.

Basically there are no limitations when it comes to concerning someone else than being open to doing so.