Why do many people like porn?
I mean everyone will try to satisfy their desires either by watching pornographic films or also by having sex with their partners or even until they are beronani. Is this purely happening? or because of the pressure of the mind? and what is the way to eliminate desire not to watch porn?

Generally, many people watch pornographic contents in order to gain sexual arousal. Also, most people usually watch porn because it is able to provide them with an emotional escape for an amount of time especially when they are lonely. For others, watching pornographic material help release stress. However, people prinarily watch porn just to alleviate their boredom, loneliness, gain arousal, etc. Although many find this act useful, we also have to bear in mind that it also comes with grave emotional and psychologist repercussions.


I wouldn't want to go with because I know that not everyone likes porn(watching I mean) especially Christian's( I don't need those that pretend o), this is because they wouldn't want it to become a habit..... I believe Porn has a spirit, it could make you so addicted and also indulge in immoral things you never imagined...... Porn can be quite distracting,so not everyone would want to venture into it. I hope I made a point, thanks for reading.


Cuz what’s better than sex...? 😈


I would say a lot of people like and watch porn even if most people will fail to admit to this fact. I don't know the reasons why most people do porn, but the fact still remains that a lot of people like and watch porn. One of the reasons why the industry is getting bigger by the day.


Porn is primarily used as an aid to masturbation. Other uses include treating loneliness, satisfying a kink, or for some reason, finding a new way to have sex.


It has to be a Psychological addiction. I know people that will spend hours and hundreds of dollars every week watching it. It is like they can not stop.

I never understood it.