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Do you think the best European football teams should form their own competition called Super League instead of playing in Champions League?

It would be good to have a change from the Champions League. For me, that format has become very stale.

But the proposals for the Super League that I have read are not good. The idea that the 11 founding clubs could not be relegated for the first 20 years takes away half of the interest in a league format. What if those clubs fall away in quality? These things happen, particularly if they lose their funding. Seeing the same clubs every year also becomes dull.

If a league format is to be proposed it should have clean promotion and relegation, with the potential for all clubs in all European leagues to work their way up. I would suggest four leagues of eight teams, with a qualifying competition for new clubs to enter into the bottom league each year.

However I would much prefer to see a club cup format, like the world cup. This could take place at the end of the season and run for a few weeks. Qualification would be based on the league positions at the end of the season to guarantee the best clubs enter. Much more exciting!



I definitely think football is all about the competitions and viewership and without the viewership then it's definitely lost it's purpose, as a result of this, I think forming a super league where only big teams play will remove the competitions and the game will definitely lose it's purpose and it's aim

For example there are thirty two teams in the champions league and out of the 32 teams only twelve (12) are big teams, sometimes the teams known as average teams and small teams goes on to win the game ensuring that football maintains it's drama, suspense and competitiveness of which it's termed to be a sport in the first instance.

Another thing is that it will the best European teams cannot form a super league because according to FIFA and UEFA rules there are always phases to every intercontinental football contest which is played from different clubs based in various countries, and since all the big clubs we have in the world are not more than 18 how is a group stage phase going to be established? How is the quarterfinals and semi finals before the knockout stages happen?

Definitely not it's totally a bad idea for big teams to form their own super league away from the UEFA champions league because it will become non competitiveness apart from the fact that it may not even fuction properly and it will also affect the UEFA champions league itself because it's going to lose it's toppest competitors.