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Do you think the sport has become too commercial?
It seems like sports today is all about money. It is put first and only then come sporting motives of athletes. Do you agree?

I'm not sure I agree. The two motives are intertwined. The commercial aspect does not seem to detract from the athletic side. 

But what I find disturbing is how the scientific side is gradually growing in importance. Doping is becoming more and more sophisticated. I'm afraid that, at some point in the future, the real contestants will be the eggheads in white coats and the athletes mere proxies. When that happens you might as well ban competitive or at at least professional sports like dog fights have been outlawed as cruelty to animals.


It really depends on what kind of sport we are talking about. Sure if we talk about soccer it is crazy. THere was a documentation at German TV a few days ago showing how the big soccer clubs are cheating by getting money from big investors. More than they are allowed to receive because of the financial Fair Play rules.

Also American Football is going crazy. They are playing games at London or Mexico because they want to generate more money. For the local fans that is really sad because not everyone can afford to travel to other countrys to watch their team.

A another  thing that shows how commercial sports is getting are the TV rights. To watch all games of the 1st German Bundesliga you need to pay for 2 different Pay-TV providers. If you want Champions League EuroLLeague and the 3rd division you have to pay 4 different Pay-TV providers. 


You're definitely correct I do think that sports have become too commercialized, however the fact that it's become too commercialized doesn't bring a downturn or a negativity to the purpose and intention of sports, it's only proving the fact that the profiteering involved in sports is making it evolve, yet it still maintains it primary agenda. infact sport will become one of the only sector that will evolve with commercialization even beyond any other sector in the world.

When you take a look at golf, football, tennis and boxing and formula one this are the most commercialized sports in the world, football for example has sports betting, it has revenue from ticket and stadium fees, it also has organisational collaborations with top companies like Nike and addidas even sometimes the jerseys of football player is promoting a particular business brand which of course is another form of commercialization in all these look at the top amount of money given to football players, the owners invests billions of dollars in expenses in acquiring and also selling as well.

As a result of these commercialization sports is now mutating, it no longer means just passion alone, but a lucrative way of making millions, as an outsiders, a shareholders, a stakeholder a betting person or even an athlete as well.

The commercialization of sports helps boosts a nation's GDP growth, just like South Africa earned over a hundred million dollars in just one month of hosting the world cup in 2010 taking them topmost as the country in Africa with the highest GDP rate, look at that!

In my opinion I think the commercialization of sports is the future, it makes sports marketable and valuable and definitely a sector that businessmen can invest on I don't agree that money is the primary motive, money is the the incentive that makes it better, and if sports is losing it's motive then why are people still crazy over sports? It's because the main purpose is being maintained despite all these commercialization.


Sport has become big business. It has changed over the last decade as money is being pumped into it from new revenues.

Football is a prime example. The new money that has come in via Television revenues is massive. This has dwarfed previous business deals and taken the sport onto a new tier.

If we look at how the money has increased in the English Premiership you will see why it is big business and that the players salaries have doubled. It is all about getting the results at the end of the day.  Staying in the Premiership is critical for these clubs now. There is such a big divide from the 20 clubs in it compared to the First Division and lower tiers.

 TV rights revenue in million GBP

2007 - 2010                              1,706 

2010 - 2013                                1,773

2013 - 2016                                3,018 

2016 - 2019                                5,136 

The athletes are used now for marketing selling products via the shops stores or internet around the world. 

Sports being commercialized can be a good thing as it allows money to flow down to the smaller poorer communities developing athletes and hopefully giving them the same chances as someone else.

It is all about entertainment and the public wants more and more. Will it be a bubble that pops somewhere.