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Is HF20 made more difficult to survive in steemit for new user?

HF20 did NOT make the survival of newbies more difficult. In fact it would help more newbies to enter the system and in many ways support them. Here are the reasons for my opinion:

1. The HF20 has subsidized the account creation system. This means that more new user accounts can be created without the worry of the previous hard cap on account creation (amount of Steem in circulation divided by the account creation fee). This step would help the witnesses to allow the creation of as many new accounts as needed (within the safety limits). Thus more newbies would be able to enter the Steem ecosystem.

2. HF20 is geared towards scalability. Removal of the hard cap on account creation and the implementation of the resource credit system is part of the plan to make the Steem blockchain more scalable. More scalable a blockchain is, more users it can handle. 

Thus the whole system is gearing towards making sure that new users can come in the Steem ecosystem. It stands to reason that welcoming new users is not the only aspect of the process. The blockchain is also gearing towards making sure that new users feel that they can stay and survive here.

3. The newly implemented resource credit system would help reduce the spammy content and also help reduce the abuse of free account creation system or the freemium nature of the user registration. 

The RC system is based on the idea that a user should be allowed to interact with the blockchain depending on their stake in the system. Please remember that this is not meant to discourage people from posting but rather making sure that they can use the blockchain without overpopulating it too quickly and without taking responsibility for their own content. 

4. This all would create a spirit of competition within the users of the blockchain and would allow them to compete in a fair manner for a piece of the pie. A fair and a competitive system is basically a healthy system. 

In someways we also need to remember that everybody who is given a free account should know that it is a gift to them from the community. Freemium shouldn't mean 'cheap'. To distribute free goodies without making sure that they are recognized as opportunities would devalue the blockchain.

NOTE: It is also important to keep in mind that soon the environment here is going to get more competitive and that means that we might need to do a little more work to stay on top of things. This is would not make the survival of newbies difficult but rather it would make it flourish. Survival can only become difficult when lesser opportunities are available but this clearly not the case here. 

I feel that HF20 is about creating more opportunities - both for newbies and for the bigger projects.


No, I don't think so. That's because HF20 is only one part of a puzzle that is supposed to make it easier for new users to onboard. One of the most important aspects of HF20 was the introduction of Resource Credits. They are used to measure the resource cost of each transaction on the blockchain. Each user is allocated a certain amount of Resource Credits according to their Steem Power. 

But that's not the end of the story. An internal market for Resource Credits is in the works. Its purpose is to allow for the decoupling of the other aspects of Steem Power and access to network resources. This enables app accounts or power users to delegate or rent excess Resource Credits to new users. When apps are able to do this, it means that the creation of new accounts will be outsourced to the apps allowing them to delegate their Resource Credits without delegating their voting power over the reward pool or witness voting power. It is too early to judge the impact of HF20 on new users. One thing we can be sure of and that is that none of the powers that be on the platform want anything more than mass onboarding to happen.


I'm gonna be as objective here as possible but will mostly focus on the perspective of a newbie. 

The image below shows what a default account of 15 SP looks like. 

With the new Resource Credit implementation in place, a 15SP account can only do at least 19 comments and 100+votes in a span of 5 days (assuming for simplicity's sake that RC is not recharging). This fact alone makes low level accounts somewhat restricted and very limited on what they can do on the platform. Sure it will really reduce spammy contents published to the blockchain but it will also significantly reduce the interaction of what a low-level SP-human-account can do. (At least for the 'current' RC costs for every transaction)

Newbies/Planktons are the ones who need most "interaction" on this platform. Through constant genuine interaction with other accounts they gain friends, support and visibility. That is why with the current Hard Fork, I believe a new user will really have a difficult time on here on Steem. Not only are they battling visibility and be taken seriously by high-level SP users but they are now also battling on how many comments and interactions can do on the platform.

With regards to the Account Creation System using RC's, in theory YES it will really make user account creation much more easy and scalable considering one won't have to pay anymore to get an immediate account. However realistically as what is happening at the moment, creating new accounts using RC are just too expensive that only a few accounts can actually create one without harming their own allocated RC. 

I tried claiming an account yesterday using RC and it said I don't have enough RC to do claim an account. I have an effective SP of 1000+, if I can't even create one account for a friend then 99% of the accounts here on Steem who have less than 500SP cannot also create an account for their friends. This is not easy onboarding at all!!! In theory it was great, but realistically it was not at all close to great.

So yeah looking at it at a perspective of a newbie, I really believe that it is now more difficult for them to survive on Steem. I hope that RC costs will go down in the days so that newbies can do more on the platform. A good amount of comments an accounts can do would probably at least 50 comments per day? :) Overall HF20 was good though as it really did reduce the spam and bad behaviour on the blockchain but at the costs of some real-human-user struggling on the platform. :)


No actually the opposite. It is far easier to open an account now using the Resource credits.

In the last two years Steemit has had some issues with bandwidth so this isn't new. If you are a new user you have certain restrictions regarding the number of comments and votes allowed per day.

This is nothing new except for the new users recently have been spoilt with limited votes but unlimited bandwidth. You could post and comment as much as you liked. that has now changed slightly but there is still room to grow and power up. It takes months to get established and if you have been on here for 6 months and are now struggling then all I can say is maybe you have done something wrong or haven't built your following right.


More difficult. New users that start out with an empty account and have no idea what is going on will quickly abandone the site because of the severe restrictions of the RC system. You only get a account that you can navigate like a normal social media account when you are around 30 SP.  That will take an eternity to get to if you start from scratch.