Why when a man and a woman like each other necessarily have to go out to the street to eat or drink something or do a common activity (being generally the man who pays)? Does it have a psychological foundation or is it just a habit?

In the world we live in and the society we belong to, it is a common phenomenon that a man is seen as the head and thus, is expected to cater for those of the other gender. The responsibilities of a man is determined by the society, it has been that same way since time immemorial, probably because the men are more muscular in nature and have more endurance, so they are seen as most capable to protect and provide fro the women while the women are seen as those naturally good with kids and in the kitchen.

The society generally is what imposes the duties of each gender to the members of each gender. One of those duties in many society is the man paying the bills. This is part of the socialization process of the society. Each society have it's unique way of life and this way of life is indoctrinated into the new members of the society for continuity. That's why it's not a new thing that what's wrong in a particular society can be right in another because of their distinct differences and origins.

The issue of man always paying the bills is not a psychological problem but more of a societal and universal problem in the sense that the way the world view the man from the first man is what is passed on from generations to generations and nobody can change what's a norm without raising dissenting voices. A man has been built and tailored to perform the hard responsibilities and cater for his woman and that's something's that won't change anytime soon because even the women feel much more happy when a man do his duties as stipulated by the society and the world.

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It has an evolutionary psychological foundation. Men fertilize women who carry fetuses a whole nine months before giving birth. A mother and her child are quite very much in need of help particularly for the first year of the child's life. A mother with a newborn is totally reliant on the help of others, normally the father of the child for everything. The entire human instinctual and emotional landscape regarding sex and mating is adapted to that fact during the last few hundreds of thousands of years of hominid evolution. Women provide youth and health partly indicated by beauty and men bring genetic quality and resources to the table (= security, food etc.). That's why humans have courtship rituals whose purpose is for the man to prove his capability and willingness to provide. What the woman has to offer when it comes to sex is readily apparent for the most part.


In my opinion, both of the other answers misrepresent women. I think that women have been fighting for a long time for the right to pay. Unfortunately, this involves things like respect, autonomy, equal pay and representation. Many of the women that I know wouldn't want a man assuming that he can or should pay the bill. I know at least in my generation, it's considered respectful to at least ask to split the bill. 

@Donsunex: In my experience, assuming that "women are happier when a man does his duties" only supports the current climate of violence and misogyny.

@AnonSteve: I have seen many pregnant women, and in most instances, they certainly didn't need any help from me. They would definitely be offended if I assumed they did.

Disclaimer: I do not identify as a woman and I don't intend to speak to their experiences.