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What is the best free domain for a web page?

I would recommend wordpress.com. First, it's free. It has a strong and active development community. Wordpress is open source which shows support for the open source movement. There are also many plug-ins available to customize your web page and make it unique.

Eventually you might want to move from free to a web hosted domain of your own without losing all the hard work already put into the web page. Using a search engine you can find out how to take a wordpress.com web page and move it to a web hosting service that supports wordpress.


trusted free domain provider sites, most free domain provider sites by installing "email" FREE, but in the end we have to complete the survey and referrals.

Lists of Free Domain Providers Sites

.Tk domain - www.dot.tk/en/index.html

Domain .uni.me - www.uni.me/index.php

Domain .con.nr - www.freedomain.co.nr

.Ga / .cf / .ml domain - www.freenom.com/en/index.html

Domain .cu.cc - www.registry.cu.cc

.Co.vu domain - www.codotvu.com

Domain .nom.za - www.nom.za

So all the reviews about free domain providers from me, hopefully can be useful for all readers and thank you for visiting.


There are no free domains.

For less 10  usd / year you can have one. A ridiculous amount if your idea is to start a business and it is even little if only for a personal blog.

Clarified that point, almost any extension is valid if the domain name is original and contains the keyword you want to position.

But you have to take into account a detail, a good domain can be bad if there is another same with another extension. Of little use having tiendaiphone.net if the competition has tiendaiphone.biz. Many of your visits will go by mistake to the competition. For this reason we recommend that customers register at least the most common domain extensions they choose

* The previous dominoes are invented by way of example, I have not checked if they exist

For something free I recommend using Blogger or (God forbid) Wix.

I do not recommend using any hosting service with free domain (such as .tk.tl) as they tend to have red qualifications in SEO and may even block you from starting in advertising by Facebook or Google.

Most likely it is on a platform, but do not expect good SEO positions unless there is very little competition on the keywords that interest you.


Domain is one of the most important issues for a web site. While taking a domain you have to keep a few things in mind. Come see me in the form of the list.


Domain Control Panel





Domains 2 can be taken as a free and one purchase. If you want to get free domain then I would advise that dot.tk is the best one. Because you can easily create your account and it can be made very easy