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Why are people who are not bad often given less attention?

It would be wonderful if there were people without evil (for not so much for them), my idea is that there are not 100% good people and there are not 100% bad people (the latter implies that the percentage can be altered and people can improve, too worsen). On the other hand defining goodness and badness is tricky and subjective.

Let's say that an evil person is the one that causes suffering by continually putting their desires to the needs of other people (then we could also call it egocentric or selfish, which is probably the most frequent case of "evil"). Cruel people are among the evil people, and they are given a lot of attention. Simply the cruelty is something of which we must flee, it is not strange that evolutionarily we have evolved genetically, socially and culturally to fix us a lot in the cruelty and to flee from her, simple instinct of survival.

Dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Franco, Mussolini, Obiang, Pol Pot, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Pinochet or Videla are relatively recent cases of cruelty that shocked humanity, reading their scary biographies and it is not uncommon for our evolutionary instinct to fleeing from cruel and harmful people makes us focus on them more than on innocuous and even kind people.

In summary

people without evil go unnoticed, because those who do have it, tend to be more extroverted people, call attention and love to see the world burn. The other guy, just looking for a good way without bothering anyone and doing things as discreetly as possible


By not bad, I will take it you mean generally nice people as it is hard to see someone who has not been bad or a jerk at one time or the other. Nice people have good motives and they readily show it.

They laugh at your awful jokes just to make feel good, they nod in consent to every of your idea even though stupid ones, they smile at everyone even when they are sad.

On the surface we all want to be around such people but their 'unending' patronage, agreement and compliments get boring quickly. You almost certain what to expect from them.

Humans are bunches of emotions and contrasting emotions make us feel alive. Most people will likely take happiness for granted if they didn't experience sadness at a time.

Nice people are overly good that the effect of their 'goodness' wane on us.

And again, overly good people subconsciously remind us a waiter that always smile at us, shop attendants that pay us compliment, airlines that always welcome is, banks that send us birthday messages...they all want something from. This same way our subconscious is giving a "he/she is up to something' when someone is permanently good.