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What to invest 100 steem?

I would encourage you to power it up.  The ROI from leasing delegation is not that great.  I have a friend that use to spend a lot of STEEM to lease delegations and after the delegation was over, he didn't have a lot of show for what he had paid.  Powering up will give you long term investments that might not see right away, but you will eventually see in curation rewards and followers who notice that your account is growing. 

Another thing you could do is donate Steem Basic Income  Shares to other users for 1 STEEM each.  For every share you donate to someone, you get a share in return, so even though you are giving away that 100 STEEM, you are still getting shares that will give you upvotes on all of your posts for the rest of your time on Steemit.  If you are lucky enough to find someone that wants to swap shares with you, then you will actually get twice the shares.  Say you donate 10 in their name and they donate 10 in yours, you are actually going to gain 20 shares.  SBI is a great program that you should consider investing a small amount of that STEEM into assuming this isn't just a hypothetical question.

Also if you power up that STEEM you can then lease your delegation to other users via Smartsteem.

As I mentioned, I feel the ROI isn't there if you are the lessee, but if you are the lessor then you stand to make a decent gain.  SmartSteem tells you about how much you can expect to make for the amount of SP that you delegate out or lease.


Based on my experience and a financial advice that I got from one of my best friends is to - "Diversify Your Investment

There are many advantages to diversifying your investment and I'm not going to explain all those advantages here. What I want to stress here is that diversifying your funds into different investment models basically reduces the risk of losing your money if you were investing in one class or a method only.

Take an example here of 100 Stem investment. So we have different methods or ways wherein you can invest 100 Steem here on STEEM Blockchain and some of them are as follows:-

- Delegate SP

- Lease SP

- Vote Selling

- Powering UP

So, if I apply the diversifying of fund rules - I would try to put my funds in two or three options rather then investing in one particular case. 

Finally, I'll conclude on the lines based on the diversification of funds rules - I would invest 100 STEEM as follows:-

1- Powering UP by 50 Steem - that enables me or raised my upvote value and at at the same increases my STEEM VEST numbers.

2- Delegate reaming 50 steem as SP - to a project which you believe is good and want to support their contributions. This will not only let you earn from SP delegation but will also get you the Tokens of the project you are supporting. So look out for projects which are giving tokens for delegating SP. Some of them which I know are Steemhunt, Actifit, Dlike etc..


Id rather rent/lease steempower from Minnowbooster or from Blocktrades.us than to powerup. It seems it is profitable for me in my own opinion.

 I already rented 2.6k SP for 3 months worth 150 Steem, that is 8-12 Steem Per Week in curations, so if we will have maximum curation (example only based from my experience) of 15 steem per week (15 x 3 months x 4 weeks) = 180 Steem. You are not only earning curation rewards but also rewarding great and promising authors (at least from a cent). 

You could also rent some to vote at SteemHunt platform, there you will be earning Hunt Tokens, and your votes are already considered a type of investment. 


There are 2 ways that you can use your Steem

  • Invest in long Term 

That is power it up and convert it into Steem Power. While 100 Steem might not hold that much value as of right now but in the long run it will help you to get some focus. While every power up in your Steem Journey counts.

  • Invest in bidbots 

While if you use bidbots folllowing things can take place 

Suppose you use 10 Steem for boosting every post for 10 days. It will increase your Reputation Score in Steem Blockchain and you will get a view of your blogs as well.

While you will get 9.1 USD upvote from Smartsteem in each post (The vote might vary according to the price or bids during that hour). 

So you will get 6.8 USD as author reward in each post and the rest will get to the curators.

Which multiplies by 10 days 68 USD as author reward (Assuming the price of Steem remains same/the bidbot bidding hour).  If we convert them to Sbd and Steempower at current market rate you will get :

Steem is at 0.81 USD 

Which is 68/2 = 34 USD  and if we convert it to SteemPower than you will get 34/0.81= 41.9 SteemPower and 34 SBD

So after promoting your post for 100 Steem you will get 41.9 Steempower and 34 SBD liquid in your wallet

So now the decision is upto you.


Depends what your goal is on Steem? If you are long term orientated (like you should be!), then the best thing to do with any spare Steem (and SBD) at the moment is to convert and power up. This will give you more influence on the market, increasing your upvote, and with powered up Steem you can also delegate to different initiatives, helping them out, and also earning passive rewards yourself.

I have been converting pretty much all my SBD to Steem at the monent as the ratio is excellent. It is the perfect time to build up your SP.

The other option is to go all out and create a 'quality' post and spend the whole 100 Steem promoting that post trying to getg it to trending. However, there are several problems with this approach, the first being that bidbots arent highly profitable anymore.

Yes you might get some new followers if you get to trending, but Steem moves quickly and has alot of fresh new content and so you want people who are going to be constantly engaged and not just interested in one post that got to trending.

I would prefer the first option of powering up as much as possible!