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What are the shocking benefits of lemon water?

The citrate in lemon juice will help prevent the formation of kidney stones which can be quiet painful.


I do drink it at least once in a week. Well I am forced to drink it to be accurate !

While lets get to the topic not discuss about the fact of mine. Well there are quite a few by the way :

  • It is often found that Vitamin C found in lemon can reduce Skin Wrinkling
  • In a way it does also prevents constipation
  • In a way lemon water helps in increasing the metabolic rate in our body which helps us reduce body weight

these are the few things that can be considered about lemon water.


Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C and Quercetin. The lemon peel itself is a rich source of Pectin. While the Vitamin C helps neutralize free radicals in the body as well as aid in the absorption of calcium and strengthen the immune system, Quercetin helps to reduce inflammation. Pectin itself is loaded with fiber which aids in weight loss.

These are beneficial health benefits for anyone, but especially for people engage in a regular exercise program.

Vitamin C

When we exercise we break down tissue, build up lactic acid, and build up harmful free radicals into our bodies. These free radicals can damage cells and promote cosmetic and health problems. The Vitamin C asks as a neutralizer to these free radicals rendering them harmless in our bodies. Vitamin C also aids in the absorption of calcium to help promote strong bones and strengthens the immune system--spend less days sick and more days in the gym!


Quercetin is especially important to exercise go-ers because it helps reduce inflammation in the body. After we engage in an intense bout of exercise, we cause small micro-tears in our muscles. While these micro-tears are good for those looking to strengthen their muscles, they also cause inflammation. The Quercetin found in lemon combined with water helps our bodies to reduce this inflammation faster and helps promote a speedy recovery. The faster our muscles heal the faster the results.


Pectin is found in the lemon peel and is a rich source of fiber. Pectin not only leaves us feeling fuller for longer, but it also helps fight hunger pangs, reduces cravings, and slows the absorption of sugar. If you're trying to lean up and get toned, these are all good reasons to drink lemon water. You can use a food processor to break down the entire lemon and add it to your water. Just be sure to wash the lemon thoroughly before you do this.


Lemon is a great source of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, potassium etc.

Drinking water with lemon helps your to maintain the pH balance of your body. A good pH balance is necessary to avoid stomach acidity and kidney stone formation.

Also helps fight cold and acts as a detoxifying agent. Winter is coming, so increasing your vitamin C intake is a very good idea.

The other benefit is cleansing the liver by helping thr elimination of toxins. Liver had the ability to regenerate and helping it with lemon is advised.

It also helps digestion.