What weird facts about babies do you know?

Greetings Stallonmoney

  •  I was looking for an answer and I find some weird facts whenever you see the newborn baby is crying actually they don't newborn babies never cry research say that they make noise which sounds like crying.  
  • newborn babies have 300 bones and that's more than a fully adult so you must be thinking where did the rest of bone go? Well as babies grow their bones combine and form a single bone its happened in the spine and skull.
  • did you know newborn babies are colourblind when the first time babies open the eyes they can only see in grayscale from black to white babies gains full colour around five months, 
  • and the last one I know is babies can sleep with the eyes open doctor called this open eye sleep. 

i hope you like my answer it was pleasure to give answer of this kind of interesting question.