What are the benefits of gardening ?

You can grow your own food the way you want.

Many people see gardening as something very tiring and not worth it, they think it's easier to buy everything from the grocery store, supermarket or in better cases at the farmers market.

Having your own garden can have many benefits. You can make a plan, what plants to grow and start planning your gardening season. Prepare the soil, plant seeds, take care of plants and harvest. Looks simple, right? Well, it's not that simple.

You need some basic knowledge if you want to harvest, to get some benefits out of it. First of all you need to know what type of soil you have, in order to know what type of plants are compatible with that type of soil. Once the seeds are planted, you need to take care of them, water them I'd the season is dry.

When it comes to harvesting, you'll see the benefits of gardening. There's nothing better than to eat your own food, the healthiest ever, if you are growing organic.

Try to compare a homegrown tomato with one you buy from the supermarket. Yours will have the occasion to ripe naturally and have a wonderful flavour, those from the supermarket are harvested while still green and they ripen on the way. Compared to your homegrown, these are going to have a funny taste.

Unfortunately most of the food is processed, fruits and veggies from the supermarkets has no taste at all.

To answer your questions regarding the benefits of gardening, you can eat healthy and enjoy the fruit of your work, saving money.


Gardening can be great to get outside and catch some sunlight and It can be relaxing. Also you can grow some of your own food and eat it fresh straight from the garden knowing were the food came from and being super fresh. Not eating food that has traveled a long way and possibly much older then you might think must be a great benefit from gardening.


Gardening has multiple benefits/advantages the most important ones are as followed.


People have noticed that after a session of gardening they feel happier and less depress. There have been studies that confirmed this too. Additionally, the soil contains some probiotic bacteria that is good for our health.

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Better food

Modern agriculture makes use of chemical based fertilisers and products that make our plant grow faster, bigger and more beautiful but in the inside, they are not healthy and lack of nutrition.

By growing your own fruits and vegetables, you can make sure to use only natural products.  Once you have tasted home grown food you will ask yourself how on Earth you could have spent all those years eating those produce bought in a supermarket!

You are made from what you eat, make sure you eat well!

Gardening heals the Earth

It has been demonstrated that by doing gardening and practicing organic gardening methods (composting, vermicomposting etc...) we are healing the Earth by sequestrating the carbon into the soil. Check out this video: