Have you ever been to a beach? Where and how was your experience?
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Yes, I have been to Orange County in California that has many beaches back-2-back like Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and so on. It was a university-sponsored trip a decade ago but it still feels like yesterday. I had a good time with my friends, and we definitely got wet in the Pacific Ocean waters :-)

Here is a photo from that beach:


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Yes I have. And it was an awesome experience, I went with family and friends, it was nice playing in the water, I really do love water, i found it difficult leaving the water, wanted to cry when we were about to leave....it was really nice because I bonded with my sister that have not seen for a while and it's one experience I won't forget soon
I also was in many beaches in S.Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ireland, Turkey... The best one for me was Gili Island in Indonesia. There are fantastic spots for diving/snorkling to see sea turtles.
Yes I have been to only one beach and i.e. GOA. Goa is visited by large numbers of tourists from India as well as abroad for its white sand beautiful beaches, nightlife. Mostly russian visits GOA a lot.
I have been to lots of beaches. I live in a city located in coastal region. I have good opportunity to visit beaches. It gives a wonderful feeling to visit beach and listen to the non-stop sounds of the waves. There are different types of beaches in my area and some of the beaches are lonely where it will just be only you standing there and enjoying. It gives a great feeling.
I have been to several throughout Canada. One was a glass beach, sea glass, so the colors were amazing. Another was all slate, due to terrain, so it was interesting to make a fire and cook on a rock. Then there was that private beach that I snuck into because I was cheap and didn't want to pay.
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Yes, In NJ and Japan. I like the beaches when there are a lot less people around and Its just the water you and whoever you came with. When there are tons of people around It kinda ruins the aesthetic of a beach.

Yes I have been to a number of beaches. Goa, Mumbai, Mauritius. My experience has been very good overall. Goa is best if you want to enjoy waves. Bagga Beach in Goa has the best waves in India. Mauritius has one the cleanest beaches. For scuba diving Mauritius is the ideal spot. Best time to visit a beach is after monsoon season till the start of summer.