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Where can one learn how to trade Crypto trading very well?
Any website or online video training courses will be an excellent pointer, i think there is a need for me to go ito full time crypto trading

If you want to learn crypto trading you should first study what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are. Do you know how fundamental analysis works?

A trading course could also be handy. But i find that courses are always overpriced, you can find the same information in books. Most traders use technical analysis. Something that works well is Elliott wave theory and Fibonacci but it's hard to master. Some people will tell you that it doesn't work but that's because they are not skilled enough. 

If you really take this serious i can recommend this book: https://amzn.to/2t1gpt0 Re-read it until you master the theory and then take it into practice.

@marketmaven1 is trading with ew and fibs with succes. You can follow him for updates or sent a message when you have a question: https://steemit.com/@marketmaven1

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Source: https://niffler.co/

https://niffler.co/Niffler.co is the best place to learn about cryptocurrency and its trading. They have a list of many famous cryptocurrencies on their website. It's a simulated exchange where you can trade using dummy money. And when you move up the levels, you can actually earn real tokens and money. 

They aim to create a crypto community of traders. New contests and bounties are also organized via their platform. It's like plug and play with a very swift UI that could help you trade the tokens in a very simple manner.  


Actually I will advise you to meet people who have been trading in Cryptocurrency world or let me say who have a lot experience in the trading of Cryptocurrency world so as for them to put you through. They will surely be able to give you some tips and advice's also which can really help you in Cryptocurrency world.

Secondly, you can go to the YouTube to watch some video clips about crypto trading, what it entails, how to start, which platform or method to use to start, what to consider when crypto trading. This type of videos which can be found on YouTube Also will help you in the understanding of how crypto trading works.

Lastly, you can read some articles or books online either through PDF form or through some articles posted on the website. By reading this, it will also help you to gain more knowledge about how crypto trading works.