How to decide, which is the best digital currency to make investment ?

Personally if it were me and I had to pick a single Crypto to invest in, it would probably be EOS.  There is a lot of potential and they have some great projects in the works.  

You can lease out your unstaked  EOS to other users for a profit and like I said, they have a lot of other great stuff coming down the road.

As an EOS holder you get to vote for the block producers that maintain the servers and produce blocks on the network.  If you don't like what a BP is doing, you can not vote for them and if enough people stop voting for them, they will get bumped down.  It is a really great concept.

The price right now is at a great point to buy in and many people think it will rise to much higher levels than it is right now.


The things that I would like to advice when you select a digital currency is this :

- Its use

Find a digital currency (token) that has a specific use and is tested for it. For example, Etherium known for smart contracts. Monero for privacy, etc. etc. There are a lot of coins (thousands) that exist today and I would recommend to somehow take a glimpse of their whitepaper and read their purpose of creating the token.

- The backers (CEO) of the token

CEO's are often influence a lot of users to be patronized as a visionary one creates an impact to the community. The greater the head, the bigger potential the coin is. It actually happened with EOS, where Dan Larimer the former CTO of Steemit. When he launched EOS, a lot of people followed him knowing his ideals and vision as a crypto man.

- The community behind it.

Oftentimes communities make hype of the coin. The reviews and their experience with the coin oftentimes prevail. Look on the communities in Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter and Youtube and you'll see some reviews of the token. The community will provide you a lot of information about the coin and will give you a hint of what's going on.

- Developers behind it

Oftentimes a coin is solid if it has a solid team of developers. It should be having a group of passionate and talented developers bringing out the best solutions of the economy and providing a more stable and secure protocol.

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Do not look to just one digital currency to invest in, Look to invest in as many as possible, as your portfolio grows in one asset begin to hedge your bet by taking some of those you have and taking a chance in another, 

There is no guarantee in any investment of making profit, But you can do things to take measures to ensure you do not lose all if one fails.

As you gain from one use the profit to invest in another,