What do you do when you realize that it's "TOO Late" now?
In our lives, we all do hit moments when we realize that now it's TOO LATE, and different people act differently in such a situation. But we still need to move on and seek what the future has for us in the basket. SO Guys what you do during such a TOO LATE situation in our life and what's the thing that makes you move on ahead?

 As i see it, there is no necessary thinking that what i will do. Because you gave the answer that is “ too late”.

You know what people says :

> “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
> ― Mother Theresa

I thinks Best answer for this situation base on this quotation. If you have no choice front of you , you must generate alternative roads. Maybe the situation that you realize “too late” is not best choice for you. Think so.


Actually many people have in one way or the other have come across the situation of been too late.

So what I will do in that situation is to just move on, work hard and never give up. Actually it may be too late but it is not too over so I work more and become determined that although it might be too late but it does not mean it is too over.



When something is too late, it means nothing can be done any more regarding such thing. Thus, when I discovered that something is too late, I hardly bother about most of the time: I just let it be. Though there are some few times I still did what needed to be done even after discovering that it's already too late in hope that I would be considered. I was considered on a few occasions but left unattended to on some others. So depending on the importance of the thing, I might still choose to do something about it even after discovering that it's already too late


when its too late, its too late. identify the risks, what are the negative outcomes and how can you control or take care of the negative aspects to come. Moving on is a state of mind. then think about what can be done to not repeat it, learn from your mistakes and make your life better. 

past problems are only a textbook that you can use for reference, you live today for a better tomorrow. no regrets. always keep learning and never get stuck, the amount of time wasted in delving about not being able to get what you wanted is the time that you could have made life better.