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Steem is a cryptocurrency! Which have its won blockchain! Like bitcoin. In future it can rise high to sky so if you have much money you can invest some in it. Also steem can be converted with other cryptos like btc,eth,ltc! Steem blockchain has an another coin named steem dollar (sbd). Currently sbd price is higher then steem. Mainly steem is a currency that is based on an blockchain.




Steem is a decentralized cryptocurrency with its blockchain known as steem blockchain was was developed by the well know developer Dan Larimer and Ned Scot is the founder of it. It has high scalability and a large number of decentralized applications can be built on the top of it. dApps here can be developed with the popular language like javascript which is much easier than C++ and solidity. Hence developers prefer this blockchain when it comes to developing dApps.

The consensus mechanism is DPoS and it is 21 witness based. Steem is the token for rewarding the authors and curators in the steem community which is basically a social blogging community and based on the concept of proof-of-brain. Steemit is the first ever decentralized applications of the top of steem blockchain and it is the flagship dApp.   Besides using the Steem blockchain for rewarding content and social interaction, projects like the trading card game Steem Monsters make use of the ability to store data using the JSON file format on the blockchain, making the proof of digital ownership possible for virtual goods