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How is it done to get rid of someone, (since we know with certainty that what we feel is not reciprocated)?

Well, sometimes it isn't easy to get rid of people, and extreme measures need to be taken. 

I recently just experienced a situation where I needed to cut someone out of my life who was extremely corrosive to my well being. 

It was necessary for me to change my phone number, and block him on every social avenue that was possible. The man suffers from addiction, and likely schizophrenia. I've deduced this over ten years of knowing the man. He is extremely obsessive with his thought process. It would not surprise me a single bit if he is reading this right now, and waiting on a free account so he can harass me on the blockchain. It seriously would not surprise me. 

He went to the extent of emailing me with a passive empty threat. Although I don't take it as an empty threat. I take threats very seriously. We are talking about a person who KNOWS I went the extra mile to block him from my life, and still decided to email me. 

My next step will be an order of protection if he harasses me again. If he's reading this, hopefully it registers loud and clear, cause this is not a game. 

When people desire to disassociate with another human being, it's my opinion that this is an inherent human right, and it should not be taken lightly. If you have expressed the will to be left alone by someone, and they do not comply with your wish, they are violating you, and you need to advocate for yourself in a very adamant way. 

This is a good question. Your well being is of the upmost importance. Do not let others rob you of your piece of mind. 


LOL, cruel question.

To get rid of someone, well, you just have to avoid them. 


You already know that you are not reciprocated, that is the 1st step. I know it's painful to recognize it, well now the decisive one is also painful; live it as a duel, the duel of having lost someone dear, veil like "dead (a)", although in reality the feeling (of the person towards you) was never "born", nevertheless when making your duel you will notice of that.

Now the sentimental pain is in you is not caused by the person who does not correspond, just give it up for lost, do not establish a bad adverse feeling against that person.

To fall out of love with someone you have to understand that falling in love is a hormonal discharge of neurotransmitters that generate places and attachment, it is something like a drug and the process must be as if you were addicted.

1-Eliminate any stimulus that generates an effect on you: Photos, social networks, whatsapp, contact of that person. Anything that reminds you of that person and that you can control, eliminate or remove from your sight, stop following it in instagram, facebook, delete your number ect.

2-Create new stimuli that generate pleasure and satisfaction, when we suffer because someone does not correspond to us what we should do is seek approval from ourselves, validate yourself so that emotional satisfaction you find for yourself. The way to do this is to start to dedicate time to yourself, dedicate yourself to your personal dream, your goals, your goals, your passions. Dedicate yourself or yourself

3- Keep busy, if you are busy you will not think much about that person, among the things you can do is exercise, exercise is an excellent way to raise the mood, this scientifically proven.

4-Control emotions, if you have to keep seeing that person you will have to learn to detach emotionally from another person, you will have to deal with the pain, anger or frustration that generates. This will make you stronger and more mature and will teach you to know you better. Soon that person will become a neutral stimulus that generates nothing.