How is China growing so much if there is a lot of poverty because of cheap labor?

There is a myth, which many countries like to repeat in case it becomes true, that Chinese labor is very cheap:

In fact, the average salaries of Chinese people have multiplied almost three times in recent years. With low inflation, these increases have not been seen in any other country, where they normally rise by 2-5 percent. At the current rate, the average Chinese salary is $ 10,200. Of course, that is the average, in rural areas the salary is lower and in the big cities, mainly on the coast, they are higher, but the tendency is that they will soon reach salaries comparable to the European ones.

China is the only country in the world capable of manufacturing high-tech electronic devices in large quantities. I am not saying that there are not other countries with the necessary knowledge, but that their factories are so huge that for some customers, China is the only possibility to manufacture them in large quantities (eg Apple). A single FoxConn factory can have 400,000 employees, most of them engineers. That is equivalent to a city of one million inhabitants working only for one factory, not counting the indirect positions, which will be two or three times more. And that company, Foxconn, has eight other factories across the country. They are abilities never seen in the world. Without competition

But we feel better thinking that the Chinese only make dolls and one dollar plastic toys.

Until we wake up.


China is concerned like all countries in the world and this is probably the major aspect of globalization.

There are figures in this regard that none of the members of our elites have the courage to face and yet we should be clearly aware before attempting anything useful to sustainably rescue the poorest of we, in China as elsewhere:

At the dawn of our era, the Earth was populated by about 250 million human beings. At the beginning of the second millennium it has 7 billion, of which 1.2 to 1.4 billion live in a state of deep poverty. The man and the progress of which he is the bearer thus created, in 20 centuries, 5 times more misery than there were individuals of all conditions on earth at the beginning of their enterprise. And today, the population is growing from 220 to 250,000 souls, most of whom come to join the poorest, to overpopulate a social pyramid in which the social descendant takes precedence over the elevator of the same name, as for us. demonstrate that poverty is easier to share than wealth.

From wealth to social exclusion today and barbarism tomorrow, by demography.