Why do onions make us cry?
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Why the onion makes us cry is one of the great questions of gastronomy, and the culprits are sulfur compounds that are released and transformed by cutting the onion

The gastronomic possibilities offered by the omnipresent onion are unlimited: raw, cooked, as the protagonist of a dish, forming part of a dressing or as a faithful companion of the potato in the tortilla.

The onion, belongs to the Allium genus as well as other species of gastronomic interest such as leeks, garlic or chives, among others. The onion is a very interesting food from the nutritional and even medicinal point of view since it can boast a wide list of properties and positive attributions for health. However, among all the qualities of this edible bulb, there is one that is somewhat uncomfortable and is precisely the eye irritation that causes us when we cut it.

One of the characteristics of the onion is the presence of sulphoxide amino acids in its cellular liquids. When cutting the onion, the cells of this are broken releasing these sulfur compounds. Another substance released when cutting the onion, is an enzyme called alinasa, which converts the sulphoxide amino acids into sulfenic acids, one of which, after another reaction, finally gives rise to the thiopropanal sulfoxide, which is the gaseous substance that triggers the itch, irritation and tearing when it reaches our eyes.

How to prevent the onion from making us cry?

Any of the methods that reduce tearing when cutting onions are based on inactivating or reducing some of the substances involved in the production of thiopanal sulphoxide. For example: heating the onion before cutting would inactivate the enzyme alinasa, which would not form the substance that causes ocular irritation. Likewise, cooling the onion before cutting it would slow down the reactions responsible for the formation of the lachrymatory compound. Finally, wet the onion or cut it in a ventilated place would save us a few tears by diluting or reducing the concentration of the substance that triggers eye irritation

Whenever I'm cooking, I always love to call on my kid sister to come cut onions for me. Lol, this is probably because I hate crying. 

The reason we produce tears when we cut onions is because of the chemical called "Syn-propanethial-S-oxide" which is found in the onions. 

 The lachrymal glands in our eyes gets irritated by this chemical and hence reacts against it by producing the tears.

Shallot is so a delicious flavor attention. cookery while not the onion of shallot will definitely not be as pleasurable if given Associate in Nursing addition of shallots. Behind the delicious style, you definitely agree that Spanish onion will create your eyes liquid and even cry once peeling the skin or cut it into little slices. this is often the solution.

Shallot may be a shut relative almost like garlic. they're plants from the liliid monocot genus family. once onions grow, one among the items absorbed from the soil is sulfur. They convert raw sulfur into Associate in Nursing aminoalkanoic acid referred to as sulfoxide. Sulfoxide has the characteristic of reacting with the atmosphere to make gas. Slicing onion means that you in fact cut the individual and microscopic onion cells. after you cut the onion, sulfoxide reacts to make a rotating gas referred to as syn-propanethial-s-oxide. Receptors in your eyes acknowledge foreign gas, and communicate together with your brain that causes tears to flow to assist defend your eyes from these compounds.

The gas compound is merely discharged after you cut the onion. within the change of state method, all of the gas compounds area unit lost. once the onion is heated, the molecule that forms the gas offers a delicious aroma to the cookery and offers flavor to the dish.

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 This is a general question. EveryOne got tears in eyes when they cut out the onion. It's common in every person's life. Personaly I hate tears because I can't gain stress in my eyes. Because eyes are the most sensitive area of your body.

I love myself so I never wanna hurt in those things that make me cry. Well, it's up to you how to tackle this thing. There is so many another way to cut the onion in your home kitchen. Like some accessories help out to cut the onion. Some people prefer to cute wearing goggles. That help to save your eyes from tears.  

Onions, used all over the world for cooking various meals. Onions is known to produce an irritant called syn-propanethiel-s-oxide which stimulates a particular part in the eye called the lachrymal gland which causes tears to form.

This works as such..... The lachrymatory factor is released into the air when we cut onions. The amino acids sulfoxides is convertes into sulferic acid by the enzyme which in turn rearranges itself into syn-propanethiel oxide.

The oxide gets into the air and in contact with our eyes which irritatethe lachrymal gland producing tears.

Such useful and all a well-known plant as the onions, permanently forces us to cry, it is necessary to us to begin only it to clean or cut (in other, also its crushing by all alternative methods) here concerns. While the onions is in a condition of rest and in the ' одежке ', it does not cause us any harm but why we abruptly start to cry and сопливить as soon as we strike root for cleaning or cutting of an onions.

  There is all simply enough: all the matter is that the onions contains the special radio oils containing a plenty of sulfur. At clarification of an onions from a peel and its cuttings, these radio oils mix up with air, abruptly enter reaction and turn to a sulfuric acid. It is enough this acid for irritation of a mucous nose and eyes at all surrounding people who are nearby. Gas of a sulfuric acid is allocated about 30 seconds, but it it appears enough for that. To cause plentiful tears and a runny nose in all around. However. Scientists do not speak, that it is bad, to the contrary, the teargas substance of an onions possesses bactericidal and противомикробным action.

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I believe this is a scientific question so. I did some research. Check this out

Onions produce the chemical irritant known as syn-propanethial-S-oxide. It stimulates the eyes' lachrymal glands so they release tears.

That's from this site https://www.loc.gov/rr/scitech/mysteries/onion.html. On that site, they try to explain everyday local mysteries so you can check the website for other interesting facts.

One more thing. To prevent onions from making you cry, while sliding them, put them in the fridge for a while before you slice them.

And if you do find yourself crying, put a little pinch of salt on your tongue. The tears will reduces.

Simple home remedies I learnt years ago

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