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What is a biometric passport? In which countries is it mandatory?

A biometric passport is a type of passport that has your biometric details, like fingerprint, esignature and other details on it. This details are saved on an electronic chip, and embedded into the passport. This passport is also called an Epassport(Electronic passport). My country Nigeria uses this type of passport and i think other developed countries use it to.


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What is a biometric passport?

Biometric  Passports a.k.a electronic passport, or ePassport, or can be referred to  as a digital passport is a traditional passport accompanied by a chip  (electronic microprocessor) embedded in the passport book. In  the microprocessor chip, a variety of complete information regarding  the user's biometrics is stored, for the authentication process of the  passport holder's identity.

Countries that have applied the Biometric Passport System

European  Union, Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan,  Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, and various other countries  that you can see in full through the following link: 



It is a mechanical reading passport that also incorporates personal data of the traveler and their fingerprints, a micro chip where the facial digital image is registered and has an identification number and digital signature that makes it impossible to falsify, both document and personality .

This passport is issued in Spain since 2007. It is the obligation of the passenger to ensure that the destination where he travel still accepts the old passports or, if necessary, provide a biometric immediately before the trip.

Some countries that request the biometric passport are obligatorily US, Qatar ...

To reconfirm the necessary documentation to make your flight consult with the embassy or consulate in question, since the client is the only responsible of the required documentation to make the flight taking into account in addition to the final country also the points of scale.