What do you think Musing.io's next big move should be?
What should they focus on to take the platform to the next level and how can they achieve this?

As a long-time user, I think Musing.io's next big move should be the launch of a mobile app. Of course, this is assuming that they have already tweaked and polished their web version, first.

First off, let me be clear that right now, I think Musing.io's focus should be on tweaking its web version. Things like improving its display filters, implementing notifications, and a figuring out a way to deal with duplicate content should be the focus to really improve user experience. 

(I've already talked about this in an Musing.io answer before. If you're interested, you can read it here: https://musing.io/q/zorank/f3uf7lmlx?r=profile-cryptocopy)

However, once Musing.io addresses these concerns, the platform's "next big move" should be a mobile app. Here's the thing, people are spending increasingly more time on their tablets and mobile phones every year, with majority of the time spent on mobile dedicated to apps. In fact, according to eMarketer, US adults will have spent an average of 3 hours and 35 minutes on mobile, everyday. And according to TechCrunch, 92% of the time spent on mobile was on apps, with browsers only being used 8% of the time. This means that even though users can access Musing.io on their mobile phone browsers, odds are, most them would still prefer a native app. The same goes for potential new users.

Thus, a mobile app could help Musing.io in two ways. First, it could open the doors for mass adoption, since more users can be encouraged to sign-up to a native mobile app than one that's only accessible through a browser. And second, it also means an improvement in user experience for current users who are accessing the site, albeit begrudgingly, through a mobile browser. 

The lack of a mobile app is actually a problem that I am encountering with my other favorite Steem DApp, Steemmonsters. You see, I love playing Steemmonsters. But, since I can't access it using my main laptop, I have to wait to get home to play it. Things would be better if they had a mobile app, but they don't. Granted, Musing.io is a little better in this regard because, at the very least, we can still access Musing.io on a mobile browser. But, I can't deny the presence of some user experience issues, which I sometimes find frustrating. So, it would be infinitely better once they release an app that's native to, hopefully, both Android and iOS. 

So, there you have it.

TL;DR: I think Musing.io's next big move should be a mobile app. It's where the users and potential new users are spending most of their time, after all. However, I do hope that they focus on improving and tweaking what I consider to be essentials features of a Q&A platform like Musing.io.

Hope this helps.


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I think a token based reward system needs to be launched along the same way Steemhunt has done it. I have noticed over the last month or so how some users have done less and less.

By introducing a token sooner than later that will one day be swapped against an SMT it will increase user loyalty and commitment. this will go along way into growing the site with current users on Steemit.

I know most users who are here right now would love to be rewarded in tokens as it shows their value to the community. I think the musing community would be tighter and everyone would support each other more.


I think musing has to evolve and would evolve in the distant future. One of the thing it can do is to categorize all the subjects into an archive so it is easier for everyone to find the things they want to find. Maybe more features. Maybe some added emojis.

Musing can have an app. Right now, when I use musing on my phone, it's on a browser in my Firefox app. It can have an independent app. More detail profile of the person who writes the answer would make it more interesting I guess.

I guess musing can have a system where the repeated questions can be answered as fresh questions rather than it's being asked again which later would be a hard problem for musing team to sort out the amount of data here as i can see is gonna be alot in the distant future. It can have more areas where we could earn cryptos. I guess it's good for musing to have that too. It creates more interest.


Aside from a Mobile App, I think the Musing team should also consider a Token Based Reward System like those of SMT's.

I really do think that a token reward system will not only encourage everyone to make good quality contents in here but would also encourage them to "curate" other people's contents in here.

Take SteemHunt for example, ever since they released their token reward system wherein their users will get SteemHunt token just for creating and curating contents via their platform, there has been a significant increase in engagement and user activity in their platform.

One issue I noticed in here is that there are only a few users who bothers to read what others are saying. It honestly seems kind of a waste for good answers in here to not be read by many people. The answer might got a $5+ upvote but the only one who read that one were the curators. So I think there should be a system that encourages everyone to read other people's contents too and I think this is it. XD