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If you could have lunch with one person real or fictional who would it be?
Where and what would you say to them?
My Dad, he was an ordinary person who tried his best to provide and facilitate us with the best.
It's been almost 10years now since he passed away. And I still have a lot to say and a lot to learn...
I would like to have a nice long lunch with him and would love to hear more stories which I consider boring back then..

I would also love to ask him how did he managed to be not scared with 3kids and a teaching job.

I would just love to hear him say one more time " what's done is done, just move on son"

@inuke ( a stupid guy back then, a much better person now)
I would love to have lunch with Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee bought about a change in the way Asians were treated in America and Europe. His Karate and Kung- Fu skills changed the fitness programs of the traditional weight lifting and body building people of U.S.A.

His famous movie "Enter The Dragon" made waves across Hollywood and a new star was born overnight. This disciplined asian the best athlete ever and will be. His physique is something to be admired and is till now incomparable to the best in the business.

Unfortunately his death is a big controversy and some say his wife poisoned him to death, the reason for such a cruel act being unknown.

I would love to have lunch with him as he was different from others and always helped people. He wanted to teach everyone Karate and Kung -Fu, not because he wanted to gain popularity, but because he knew this was the best way to live life, healthy and strong.
I am a really big fan of Linus Torvalds, the man who gave us LINUX and GIT, and I would love to have lunch with him and tell him how strong a desire I have to be what he is. I am not a computer major but I have some knowhow of tech stuff and what fascinates me the most about that man is that he is so simple and humble about his creation. He is a true geek who just cares about technology and he did it all just out of fun. He is not a man with big future visions but he knows how to handle a problem that's in front of him and that's why I am such a fan of the man.
My grandmother. She died almost half a decade ago and I still miss her.. She used to handfeed me food she cooked herself whenever I went to meet her.. No matter how much I asked her not to she would try again and again.. It might sound lame too others but the love and sentimental value in those gestures are priceless to me.. If I had the chance to meet her one more time I would do whatever is asked of me..
I would like to have lunch with Imran Khan.
He has contributed a lot for Pakistan.
First he made it possible of Pakistan to win 1992 Cricket World Cup.
Then he mobilized the youth of Pakistan in active politics. he is considered one one the most trust worthy politician of Pakistan.
Now his party PTI has gain popularity and it is oped that he will make the Govt.
Having lunch with someone means having to talk with the person.

The talk can be either business, idea, development or any kind of talk. It might involve asking questions and getting answers.

I will choose God. Yes God. He definitely has some answers to my questions. It will be a wonderful lunch.
To be sincere among every person apart from Jesus, I would love to have lunch with Bill Gate because for sure he will pay for me and possibly employ me to work in his company or maybe give a cheque of $50000.
George R.R. Martin! I am a big fan of Game of Thrones and I just can't wait for a year to know what happens next. I need to know nowwwww lol