What are some good ways to promote a site like musing?
Since there are so many benefits to using the platform, as users what can we do to shoot it into the mainstream?
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the easiest way to get your post on ? low on inspiration ? Ask and ye shall receive hahah

just keep using it i guess ? and spread the word, it might be nice if there's a link included when you post the answer to the steemit blog. Afaik at the moment it just posts the question as title and the answer as text body with no link back ?

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Just stay active on it, do your part by answering queries. A good platform with substance will always survive. People dint promote Quora, its content did its marketing. As long as the content stays relevant to someone's search the traffic is bound to come.

Have patience and let it grow. Word of mouth is the best publicity any platform can get. I don't think I ever saw an Advertisement for Google Search Engine on Television but still it is the best.

However Celebrity interviews, Q& A sessions could prove to be a big publicity stunt for Musing. That would be a good marketing ploy. But still after that you need to have substance.