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Do I require a substitute wallet for each alt coin I will gain?

Not for all, it depends on the coin. There are three major wallets that can contain several altcoins.

IMTOKEN for ERC-20 tokens such as EXRN,AERGO, GUP etc... as far as the altcoin token is ERC-20 there is no limit to the amount that the wallet can contain.

BLOCKCHAIN WALLET blockchain wallet is enabled for BTC, ETH, RIPPLE all these tokens can be sent and received in blockchain wallet.

TOKEN POCKET this wallet can contain altcoins built on EOS blockchain like KARMA, FAST, TRYBE, etc

Meanwhile some altcoins have unique wallet for storing them so it all depends on the blockchain the altcoins is built on and the project.


Hi Stuart, Perhaps i can help. It really depends on the coin/token. for example many coins are ERC 20 which means that they are built on the ethereum blockchain and a good wallet i could suggest to you is myetherwallet. You can set this up online and download the app to your phone to log in - it's easier just to follow the instructions to explain this on the website, it's pretty straightforward. if the tokens you have are not on the list you can add them  by following the guide here:


Please make sure your token is an erc20 or is compatible with myetherwallet before you send as you can lose them if not.

As i said this will work with a lot of tokens but please check for some tokens you will need a separate wallet. Some tokens generate ïnterest' if you store them in certain wallets - NEO for example generates a token called GAS if you hold it in certain wallets (O3 for example)and there are some for TRON that do the same.

It can definitely become kind of a pain juggling many different coins in different wallets but there are many out there that hold multiple coins (in fact most do) so just try to find one or two that hold the coins you really like - Myetherwallet will hold most of the ones that are collected through airdrops and such and then one or two other good ones should be ok.


there are constantly hackers trying to access these and there is a strong chance you will lose money. If I can help you with anything else please do reply and I will do what i can.

Happy HODLing!  


Do you need a wallet exchanger for every coin that you will get? I think it depends on yourself, if you want to change the coin to another coin then you need an echanger that can exchange the coins that you save in your wallet. But if you don't want to exchange it, you don't need to use another exchanger to exchange the coins that you have in the future. However, if you want to change your coin to another coin there are very many exchangers that you can use to exchange the coins that you will have.

One famous exchanger who can exchange lots of coins is binace, there you can exchange various kinds of coins that you want. However, if the coin you want is not available, you can also exchange it in other exchanger with a coin option that suits you if you want to change it. But if you want to sell these coins after selling in an exchanger that supports with the coins that you have in the future like you have a coin steem, then you can exchange them first on blocktrades then you can choose the coins you want to exchange like bitcoin, eth, ltc, doge and several other coins found on the menu.

However, if you have other coins, please find another exchanger who supports with the coins you have so you can exchange them. You can find an exchanger whose fee is quite cheap so that it doesn't cost a lot when you exchange your coin. Because some exchangers are currently very expensive to exchange, only certain exchanger's are cheap. But if you want to trade the coins that you have saved, please save them in the wallet that you trust to save your coins so that there is no loss of the coins you saved.