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For what reason are most people subject to innovation?

Well it's pretty simple if you ask me, most people are subject to innovation because if they aren't then they'll get left behind. The world is moving forward at an extremely fast pace and if you don't get with the program then you'll be left wondering what the world around you had become instead of being part of the change that made it that way.

Let me give an example, I have a friend's dad who refused to learn how to use a computer simply because he felt that his line of work would never need one...how wrong he was. Today he's jobless and basically penniless because he refused to follow the trend and get with the new innovations in his line of work.

Not do digress a bit, but innovation itself is subject to people, we are the ones that go in search of new and easier ways to do things. It's our hunger for knowledge and progress that gave birth to innovation itself.

People are subject to innovation because it's essentially the driving force of the world right now, we all have to be willing to accept the new trends and discard them as fast as possible when something better comes along because if we don't then the world itself will leave us behind.

I hope this helps.


For what reasons do most people submit to innovation? Nowadays most people are subject to the innovation given by great people because they know how to solve the problem. The innovation that they provide must be true because they have thought about the innovation so that in the future what he has decided is not wrong. We must look for innovation from other people if we are unable to solve the problem.

Because by asking how good innovation is from others, then we will find the right answers from those who already want to give innovation to us. Usually state officials will look for innovations from intelligent people in the country because to decide an action is not easy we have to ask and look for innovations from a few people to find the right answer to the problem.

Likewise with ourselves, which also needs to listen to innovations from other people if we do not know how to solve a problem on their own. Many innovations from others that we can consider to be considered in our lives because every human being also needs innovation from other people because he is unable to think about how to solve all the problems that exist in his life.