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What is the contrast between gross pay and net gain?

What is the difference between gross salary and net income? I think gross salary is a salary that is still dirty or there has not been any deductions, whether it is deductions from retirement salaries, insurance and other things that can reduce your salary from the previous one. While net salary is a salary that you receive after deductions from things that are indeed deducted from your salary such as for your retirement salary and your other insurance money. so that after deductions from our salary, it is also often referred to as the net salary we receive.

If we receive a gross salary, then our salary has not been deducted at all so it is also called gross salary after the process of deduction from our salary, so our salary is also called a net salary. Every one of you who works in government must have deducted your salary as happened to most civil servants, they get their salary deductions if they are absent and are often late for work which can make their salaries very large cuts.

Unlike you who are only a businessman who has his own business, if you are an entrepreneur then the salary you receive every day is not necessarily sometimes a lot sometimes just a little depending on the amount and the least items you sell are selling well. Although the salaries of entrepreneurs can sometimes be large and sometimes small but there is no deduction from the salary they receive because they open their own business instead of working in someone else's place that has a lot of rules that we must obey.