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If steemit was a platform where you cannot earn rewards on your content anymore,would you still be visiting steemit?

You need to be more specific, Steemit is just a website for the Steem Blockchain (simple summary). The question should be.

If Steem was a platform where you cannot earn rewards on your content anymore,would you still be visiting Steem?

Regardless from the correction, Steem blockchain is designed not just for content bloggers that posts about their talent - niches and other sort of stuffs, look SteemHunt for Example. The Steem Blockchain wants to build a content that directly rewards users in a decentralized way by the power of the Blockchain Technology and the Steem Ecosystem.

How about this scenario - If Youtube/Facebook/Twitter was a platform where you may able not to earn rewards on the post you share or boast with, would we still use it? The same mentality applies - and the answer would be YES, I would definitely check Steem(it) or other steem dApps, because it lets you connect to other crypto/ico (@originalworks is an example of rewarding users by creating articles) Look at facebook, twitter and youtube - You dont expect to gain views and earn from it, you simply only share it because you love making them and sharing your ideas to others.

and also, Steem isn't just a Blogging platform, Steem blockchain is wide. We have fundition, steempress, steemhunt and dtube. I know there will be more dApps soon which will not be called a (blog).


Many people join steemit not for earning but to share their knowledge and to write a blog.

Bloggers don't think of themselves but they believe of people . steemit is a account where people can write blog from various countries and also he can write a blog sitting at home,office or any place.

Many people join steemit as they want to earn money and so they started earning money by writing blog. If steemit stop to giving rewards on the blog which we have written. Many people leave the steemit as they stop giving reward.


I have not started earning much on steemit because i have not started putting enough contents on steemit,as for now i love

visiting steemit just to read quality contents and gain good knowledge from them..

I will definitely still visit steemit.com even if i cannot earn rewards from the platform,steemt is a good platform

where you can read contents that would even help you to be able to make money from many other platforms that are even different from steemit so even if you

cannot earn rewards on steemit,at least you can gain knowledge from contents on steemit and use the knowledge to make money on many other places


Hellzz  NO...I wouldn't be hooked on in the first place so highly doubt I will be visiting the site.

At this point it is more of a game to gain the few cents here and there but still keeps me engaged.