What is that one quality which you really admire in people?

There are many qualities I admire in people, but one that stands out that I do like is the desire to keep learning and improving themselves in their own way.

When I think about my good friends they are all awesome and unique, some are artists and I love seeing them improve their current skills and learn new ones at the same time. I've got friends who have reached high levels of formal education in multiple areas. Martial artists who have trained for their whole lives mastering one or multiple styles. 

I don't typically vibe so well with people who have too lazy of an attitude, or people who have given up on improving themselves.

Even my friends who aren't "masters" of something I love seeing them learn anything. Even if it's something I don't have a huge personal interest in! 

One of my closest friends is a fantastic martial arts coach, he's responsible for a lot of students and they all do well. But he's also kept his love for theater and performance. Right now he's teaching martial arts full time whilst also preparing to act in shows and improving his singing all at the same time!

It's also true for people I've never even met. Ever since I was small I loved to read and hear about people who were excelling themselves in some way. A simple person transformed into a revolutionary soldier in times of need. Or someone who learnt a craft to improve their lives and those around them.

I remember learning about two Chinese gentlemen who learnt to plant trees from scratch. At first they planted many trees for a year and they all died, their work for a whole year lay dead before them. They were also very poor which made it difficult to get the tools they need let alone the trees. They didn't give up and they kept learning until they had the skills to plant and transplant trees with success. Eventually they had planted a whole forest! More impressive still is the fact they both men were disabled. One was blind and the other couldn't walk, so the blind man carried his friend on his back so he would act as his eyes, together they did something amazing.


Kindness. I can't imagine a society without kindness. I have witnessed a lot of acts of kindness and not only in humans. I've seen it at animals and I feel it's a very important quality. Kindness is the proof of empathy and empathy is the ability to feel the suffering of the one close to you and help him in pain. There are people who dedicate their whole life to others and somehow dedicated their lives to being kind. People that volunteer to help the less fortunate, the poor and the sick and also to help animals. Kindness is one of the qualities that I admire the most and feel like is very often overlooked and ignored by us. It's not hard to be kind and doesn't require big efforts. Every one of us can give a helping hand, can feed a poor once in a while, can give some old clothes to the poor also and so on. There are so many ways in which we can be kind and still we aren't that often. That's why I admire it so much. 


Those who are tolerant, non-violent and have patience and are rich in knowledge, I admire those people the most.


Integrity. I could respect my enemies if they are consistent with their values. I may hate someone for doing things but I will respect them if they are rationale and not being  hypocrite. If someone is out to do bad things, then let them be consistent. I don't like people that are confuse about who they want to be. 


There are plenty of good qualities a person can possess that I find admirable but I think one particular trait I find most commendable is one's sense of responsibility. Because I think this trait resonates other admirable traits such as bravery, kindness and being able to accept if he is at fault.

I admire a person who has a strong sense of responsibility especially when he is responsible  with regards to his position in the family. If he wants to find ways just to make his loved ones live a comfortable life even if that means he would sacrifice his time for himself.

A strong sense of responsibility in the sense that he knows what his responsibilities are and he will find a way to meet them. He does not settle and accept mediocre things but he wants to be even more successful. This sense of responsibility can be seen in his work, if his outputs possess good quality then surely, he is responsible with his job and duties. 

It is easy to quit and not be able to become responsible that's why I think that a person who recognizes his responsibilities and meets them is brave. Brave because he knows he can turn his back to his responsibilities, yet he chooses to face and meet them.

I think that a person who has a strong sense of responsibility knows the right thing to do especially when he is at fault. He does not blame you or others for his mistakes but admits them and makes them a stepping stone to his growth. He will also not hurt others just for his own selfish reasons because he knows he possesses the responsibility towards others. 

The reasons stated above are primarily the reasons why I think the admirable trait a person can possess is having a strong sense of responsibility


There are some people who if you put in any group can mingle easily and make friends. I really really admire such people because I am a very introvert,picky person. It's very difficult for me to mingle with every person with ease.  I always regret for not having that quality. I love people with easy going, funny attitudes. 



Without considering it by any stretch of the imagination, I admire individuals who are idealistic, confident, kind, compassionate, canny, genuine, fun and clever as well!    I

 likewise admire individuals who are open about their emotions and ready to indicate it.  

  I admire individuals who are excusing however aren't a sucker either. I don't care for that sort of shortcoming.    

Quality is a critical quality however quality comes in numerous structures. The quality that issues to me is quality of character not physical quality.    A standout amongst the most essential characteristics for me is that a man can concede when they are incorrect. I can't and won't manage individuals who think they are immaculate. That just makes me realize that they are whimsical.


Delicate Manners' 

There are numerous characteristics I for one respect in individuals, I wish I had the opportunity to name them. Notwithstanding, since the inquiry requests only one quality I appreciate, I am compelled to name 'Delicate Manners' 

You may ask why delicate conduct? 

Thus, given me a chance to separate it: 

Delicate conduct is tied in with carrying on or acting in a way that is socially satisfactory and demonstrates thought, regard, and care for other people. 

By and large, delicate conduct will enhance your association with individuals. 

At whatever point I see somebody or individuals who regard other individuals as people, I can't resist the urge to succumb to them. I simply adore it. 

When we treat each other appropriately, am certain the world will be a considerably more better and more secure place to live in. we won't have any need to battle. 

A delicate way is tied in with treating a man with some dimension of regard. 

It is one quality that is popular all over, at home, work, school and wherever we get ourselves.