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Imagine you win 10 million dollar or euro in the lottery? What would you do?

Well, I'll give half to my girlfriend and the other half to my side chick?

Did you laugh, well that was meant to be a joke. In reality nothing much would change in the way I do things except I'll be privileged to do a couple of things now with more money.

First as believer in crypto would be to buy a couple of Steem, eos, bitcoin and xrp. I don't know why I would buy xrp but it made the list and that's fine.

A couple of it would go the the pockets of families and friends, and also a couple of investment worthy real estates in my state as it's still a developing land.

And then I'll travel, I always wish to visit every continent in the world, this would be the chance. Travel and live, touch as many lives along my path and make more money along the way.

But since I don't play lottery, instead of praying to win 10 million dollars in a lottery. I'll buy a few more cryptos and pray they moon soon.


If i won the money first i will convert them to my countries currency BDT. And i will use some of them for my village. I will make my villages road safe coz when rain comes here we Can't go to the market for broken road and its so bad thing our government is no so carful about these thins. Bye the way then i will invest half of then to create a business for my future like i will buy some land and build a building in our main city dhaka. And i will give that to people for rent and i will get some money every month and i will run my family with that money 😋! But sadly its not possible coz lottery is not allowed in our religion so i will not buy any lottery in future and i dont have any chance to win that if i dot buy that 🙄. 😜I just explained my feelings here 😪.


[Pic Source Google](https://www.google.com/search?q=lottery&tbm=isch&tbs=isz:l&bih=659&biw=393&client=ms-android-xiaomi-rev1&prmd=ivn&hl=en-GB&ved=2ahUKEwijp5OV0__gAhVWAysKHaQjDawQlJcCegQIARAE#imgrc=qi7xQS7UnijqkM)


I will wake up from my slumber because this is a dangerous imagination. Well, I'm just kidding. If I win 10m Euro right now, I'll buy just three things - Steem EOS and Bitcoin. I might make the list of top 1000 richest in the world by 2040.


Wow.....I just wish this would just come to pass.... I would invest 70 percent of the money,I would buy landed properties, set up a boutique or supermarket,buy some cryptos....take care of myself,I love enjoyment,so I will treat myself very well,I cannot come and die ..then sponsor some people Sha, maybe set up a business or help in getting admission,if I can,I will take a trip outside Nigeria,have little fun in site seeing,eat different kinds of food and come back to my dear country.

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If i win such amount of money, i will do five things.

1. Pay my tithe(something we Christians do)

2. Give a portion to the poor and those with health issues, that need to raise money for surgery.

3. Give another portion to members of my family and some close friends. You see, i can't eat my money alone, making sure my siblings, parents and relations are well off is what i have always wanted. So they get a share of it.

4. Treat myself to something nice and buy what i have always wanted to buy, that i couldn't afford.

5. Invest the rest into a business that will wield yield result and then repeat the steps 1 to 5.


If I will win 10 million dollars in the lottery then I have to react to that situation in very calm situation.

if I will say that I will do something for the society or I will do something for my country then that will be somewhat very old fashioned answers.

so if I will win 10 million dollars first of all I will invest around 2 to 3 million dollars in the sector in which I have knowledge about like real estate or cryptocurrency.

if I will do so then I will have the opportunity to double or triple my amount so that I can help my future generation to be rich.

just making me reach in this generation will not help me at all because if I will make my future generations reach then it will be for long period of time like for 300 to 400 years and I will be known for three to four centuries.

with rest of the amount of the money I will see all my loans away so that I can live happily.

if the money is left then I will surely by the land because the land price will always go high because land will be the same the people will increase.

So these are my views.


i will sleep tight with wife.

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