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How do you get the idea to make content consistently?

First of all, I don't GET the idea. I had to make the material for content creation. There are some easier way for you to create content. Like you make a fixed schedule with different days and what to blog. Example given:

* Monday to blog about jobs and or what are the challenges

* Tuesday to blog about pets, can be own pets and or what do you hate about pets, anything

* Wednesday to blog about drawings, can be own drawing or even what people drew and what do you think about it. Easiest way to create content because everybody has a different perception even looking at the same piece of art work.

* Thursday blog about family

* Friday blog about happening places, a good dinner place to take the family/girlfriend/wife to, or even clubbing places.

* Saturday to talk about other hobby, like upload a video of you playing with musical instrument, or even #dlive a game you played and narrating about why you does this and that or create walk through

* Sunday, I like to do free write. Pretend to be very holy and reflect what happened passed week and what can I do to be a  better version of me. Plan for coming week.

Now you see, all I gotta do is repeat the same stuff and I'll have unlimited space to create content. Besides, now we all uses smartphones, we can always snap lots of photos and keep them in the phone. As an when needed, all we gotta do is upload them and blog about it. Hope this answer your question and be able to help you continue create valuable content to this platform.


Here's how I look for ideas and inspiration:

1. Relax To get an idea and inspiration,

you have to relax or relax. How to relax? That's up to you how maybe sleeping, eating, relaxing, listening to songs etc. Why do you have to relax? Because to get an idea and inspiration we can't possibly get it if we're stressed, dizzy, tired etc. Therefore, relax, don't need to bother and focus too much on finding ideas and inspiration.

2. Find the right place

3. Explore Your Mind (Imagine)

After you relax and calm, it's time you explore your mind by imagining ideas and inspiration. Imagine freely, without being obstructed by rules and facts. Because if you explore the mind with limits, not imagine the name.

4. Learn a lot

You have to learn a lot about things related to your ideas and inspiration. For example, you are a musician You want to make songs, meaning you have to learn a lot about songs today, how to make songs with today's technology

5. Speak with yourself

It sounds crazy, but discussing it doesn't have to be the same as other people. Try to discuss with yourself in your heart to find a decision for your ideas and inspiration.

6. Communicate or socialize

You also have to chat with parents, friends or others about your ideas and inspiration. So you can see your ideas and inspiration from the various sides and opinions of others

7. Take notes

If you are already imagined by your ideas and inspiration, immediately record them as soon as possible. This is done to prevent you from being forgotten by your ideas and inspiration.

8. Pray

I hope we can get good ideas and inspiration for ourselves and others.



You need to use your resources around you.

A lot of my ideas come from posts I read on Steemit. If you read a post and feel that something important has been left out or it could be added to by going in another direction then just do it. So many of my posts have come about this way and after reading my followers daily posts I could end up with 2 ideas for posts.

Writing about something interesting that is current in the media or hasn't been reported. Your take on it with your views. Don't just report news as that is no good.

A life experience that you could share. people like real things and true things and speaking about an experience you had good or bad would interest anyone. I normally do one of these once or twice  a week to change things up.

I am no gifted writer and my writing style is simple and basic making it easy to read. I can'r do poetry or any special free write fiction stories as that is not me. Just be your self and write about things that interest and inspire you.

I haven't even thought of today's post yet and have no idea. It will just come to me later when i sit down to write it. Don't overthink things and stress about a blog post.


I don't. There is always a time when I'm all out of ideas but I do a couple of things to prevent the dry spells. 

#1 Have a post or two that is always the same, something like a contest

This will help  ease the stress of having to write so many original posts every week.

#2 Leave the PC/laptop

Being by it 24/7 never helps.

Stop trying to produce. Give yourself a break. 

#3 Don't be so hard on yourself

That's the worst thing you can do to yourself. Stop judging yourself so hard.

#4 Read others blogs to get inspired

That's one of my favourite ways to get inspired, and it almost always works!

#5 Change things up

Write about something you never thought you would write about. Creating content daily tends to make us do/write the same things every day. 

 In order to escape our creative funk, we   need to shock ourselves out of our routine a bit. 

#6 Get physical

Work out, run, walk. Don't just sit, waiting to get inspired. It won't come on it's own and just sitting there, looking at your PC won't help out alot. WHat will help though, is to get the blood pumping through phisical activity. 

Go out and work out for an hour. You will be surprised to see all of the ideas that come flowing in when you come back home. 

#7 Relax

Never get tensed up. It will only destroy your motivation. Go out for a walk and on the way, as soon as you get relaxed enough, try to think about what to  write about next.

#8 Watch a  movie

This one has always heped me get inspired as it both relaxes me and my mind, and gives me a lot of new ideas.



Don't be put down by not being abale to think off an idea to write about. It will only bring you down further. Follow my steps and you will inevitably get inspired.