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What's your idea for a new food product that will be on-trend in 2019?

You mean like, worldwide?

Or in my country?

Okay, for the former, there are no global trends for food products. There are however dietary trends.

Currently, very popular trends are vegetarian/vegan diet, and ketogenic diet. Which are not exactly polar oposites, but in traditional kitchen of most of the world, going ketogenic would look very little like a vegan diet.

Therefore, processed food products for vegans could gain traction locally or be in fashion for people with that kind of diet.

For ketogenic diet, we already have many options. I would think, most products would make a return maybe.

For decades a "slim" and "fit" food have been promoted. With Little fat in them, contrary to what's essential in ketogenic diet.

Maybe some greasy barbeque?

About popular food in my country.

It's always a Mix of kebab, burger, pizza, and buffet.

Recently, I visited Denmark, and I shit you not, it seems to me like they don't know any other form of food than a buffet and burger.

The biggest mail in Copenhagen literally have 4 buffet places and 2 burger places, and that's pretty much it.

No generic asian stirfry noodle, no kebab, no generic Etiopian food, only all you can eat buffet.

You know what product I wanna see?

Affordable, cultured clonned meat.