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What does mean "love is blind"?


What does “love is blind” mean?

The idea of love as a spell that blurs our judgement or blinds us from seeing what is obvious has a complex and multifaceted origin.

From classical representations to canonical poetry, love, eros, cupid amor has always presuposed a struggle between flesh and spirit, carnal and ethereal passion, heart and brain. This battle tends o be won by impulses and irrationality regardless of gender or sexual orientation, age, religion, race or class.

The clasical cupid, so popular in western culture, with modern representation of a cute winged chubby infant responsible for our love attractions, was at times represented as blindfolded, suggesting that love would hit just about anybody regardless of circumstances.


The expression is usually used pejoratively in instances where it is obvious, for anyone but the person(s) victim of the infatuation, that there is something wrong either with one of the parties or with the whole relationship (in cases where the blindness is shared).


In my culture, we use the expression as an implied critique or disapproval of a love relationship whenever we feel one of the parties should see that the other is not fully committed or that the match is actually a mismatch and it is not in the person’s best interest to continue with that relationship. For instance, a young woman entering a relationship with an older, usually married man, and her inability to listen to advice or reason is cause for the expression to be used. Even if the love interest is of the same age, but does not enjoy the parents’ approval, or proves to be reckless or a bad influence, the one not listening gets the expression. 

Sometimes the expression is intended to question the couple as a whole and the poor decisions their “blindness” causes. The couple may leave family and friends, jobs or academic life projects pursuing a love dream, in which case, both may be termed “blind.”


Usually the expression is loaded with racism or classism when someone considers that one of the parties is beneath the other’s stature, race or social standing. Also, aesthetically, depending on the culture’s definition of beauty, people may use the phrase to criticize of the parties’ poor taste in choosing a partner that does not match their beauty. Handsome men are supposed to date beautiful women and vice versa. Thus, to see a person with the looks their culture has deemed perfect or ideal with someone with the features we usually associate with ugliness begs the question.


It means that because you love someone you overlook their faults and shortcomings. Even though they might fail or fall short of what they could/should be, because you love them, you don't focus on the faults. 

Sometimes this can be a good thing. For a married couple, it's good to be able to say "you aren't perfect, but I still love you." It allows the couple to be at peace and move past whatever the shortcoming may have been. 

However, in cases were someone is doing something illegal or morally wrong, love can be used to manipulate the other person from saying something. Or maybe they know their significant other is doing something wrong, but they don't speak up because they love them and don't want to see them get in trouble. Sometimes the person changes their behavior. Other times the behavior is allowed to continue and other innocent people get hurt.

tl;dr It just means that a person can be blinded from seeing the flaws of another person because they love that person.


The word 'Love is blind' means a lot of things of which I will explain to you one after the other.

• Love is blind means that love is unconditional and a person who loves you will not give you condition or criteria for loving you.

• Love is blind means that a person who loves you will always overlook your wrongs and not always capitalize on criticizing or blaming you. Someone who loves you will love you the way you are.

• Love is blind means that someone who truly loves you will not look at your present condition when deciding to love you but will always visualize a brighter future with you.

• Love is blind also means that someone who feels and knows that he or she is in love does not need the opinion of others on choosing whom or not to love.

I hope I was able to answer your question. Thank you for the wonderful question and see you around soon.


The expression "Love is blind." simply means that sometimes when we fall in love with the person, we get to filter the reality that we are seeing. You want to see the person in the best way possible that you forget he/she is a person too, a person with flaws. You only get too see the good and hide the bad because you do not want to see it.

For example, you just met this awesome guy and you are so blinded by love that whenever he do something that disrespects you or he doesn't treat you right, you cannot see it. You only see his good qualities and filters the reality. You won't mind the negative because you see this person as perfect and you are blinded to see his flaws and everything wrong about him.

Sometimes being so blinded by love is not a good thing because you tend to make a made up reality of what the person really is. You stay because you are so blinded that you do not want to see the negative and only focus on the positive. You keep on telling yourself that the positive outweigh the negative. 

Most people stay in bad relationships because of this. And I really do hope that those people who are blinded by love will see if that person is really worthy of the love you also give. Great question and I hope my answer helps!


Love is blind

When you are inlove whatever your partner does both in positive or negative ways won't be an issue to you.

No matter what your friends may tell you about him or her, you always love him or her so dearly, you wouldn't want anything to come in between you two.

Love is blind really plays out when you know that you and your partner are financially incapacitated, but you still stick faithfully to each other without trying to do anything to get each other hurt. You always believe in a better tomorrow together.

It's is when a person is truly inlove with an individual everyone thinks he is ugly ,not good looking at all or wicked, I mean very wicked You always wanna defend him or her , and you still him or her the more.

Love is blind equally plays out when you don't find fault in whatever your lover does. You don't care if you he or she is terrorizing others. At this juncture, love is truly blind.

However, love is a beautiful thing to happen to anyone.

Stay in love.


When it is said that "love is blind"..

It actually refers to when an individual is actually in love with a person , and they are so really enamored with that person that they are so actually oblivious to either the unattractive physical appearance of the person or their actual cruel actions......

Well also On the other hand, it could actually also really mean that an individual is really blind to another individual faults to the extent that actually do not really truly have a firm grip on reality, and the action of that loved one could be really harming others..... the truth is that it often really takes a major kind of transgression for a blinded person to actually be able to snap out of this obvious besotted worshipping.....


Talking about these 5 letters is really complex. Love is indeed a very beautiful gift from God. We must guard with all our heart.

Love gives us happiness. Love gives us comfort. Love gives us infinite love. Love gives us life. but love can also make us crazy.

Here in my opinion, basically love is good, but because humans are filled with lust so that the existence of love can change.

Concerning love is blind, actually it's just a term, because in love it is never seen who he is and what is his position. but that's love that can always change someone's life.