Presidents are iconic personalities. Elected for the People and by the people, Do you think they should be Disrespected and made fun of, Like in many Nations now a days?

Actually, I believe in the quote that "you can never satisfy everyone". There are some people whom will love you while some people will surely hate you. The presidents will surely experience such incidents because we are not equal in terms of love or hate towards the president. There will be people who will surely say bad things about them, mock them and do other bad things at their back even though these set of pessimistic people can't say this in front of the president. Similarly, there are also some optimistic people who will say good things about the president as a result of their love towards the president. This implies that we can never be equal and everyone can never be pleased with you because that is one of the basis of life!.

I believe the president should be respected and they should be treated with care and support from the citizens. We shouldn't go to the extent of slandering and backbiting about them even though they can never be perfect. President are human being like us and they can also make mistakes just like we also do because no one is perfect. I think this is one of the challenges most great leaders face because they would always be criticized by various people and they would also be loved by some other people.

In conclusion, it is very bad of us when we mock and disrespect the president because he is trying his best to lead the whole country. But the fact is that this kind of policy can never be eradicated as it will keep occurring because they are leaders and leaders are expected to face such circumstances. People can never be the same and you can never satisfy people no matter how hard you try. You just have to be prepared and ready for such challenges because this is one of the things every leader is bound to face.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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In my honest opinion I think presidents or anybody who is in an elected political office is open for criticism, i do believe that if a leader of a nation does well by fulfilling their manifestos , discharging their duties as elected leaders according to the constitution to the fullest of their expectations then I believe they will not be criticized or mocked by people who they lead, the reason why people elect president and give them power is so that they can represent them well according to their position so as a result of this I do believe the constitution gives people the power to criticise their leaders constructively I also believe that in the nation the electorate is very powerful when leaders are not doing well it means they have failed to discharge their duties properly and I see no reason why they should not be mocked or criticized.

The government we are practicing is a democratic government where the electorate play a vital role in the election of their leaders. It is true that leaders and presidents are iconic people and should be respected however I believe there is a difference between respect and criticism the electorates may respect the president but at the same time they are open to criticism because without criticism the government may not know whether they are doing right or doing wrong.

Reason why most nations often criticise their leaders is because they do not meet up to expectations hence the criticisms and the rantings. Even in places where the government are not doing well it is constitutional rights for the people to protest a particular type of government.

If you look back in history you will discover that democracy is a government that affords people the chances to give power to their leaders and it also afford them chances to take that power away. These leaders that steps into power are given the chances to states the reason why they want to be in power and the people make choices whether to vote them or not so should the people vote them and they do not meet up to expectation are they not open for criticism? I will definitely say they are so also if a ruler does well the electorate, the people and the nation will sing their praises and not ridicule or make fun of them