What's more interesting than Upvotes and Rewards on the Steem Blockchain?

I would say "sense of belonging" and "optimism".

There had been ups & downs that the Steem blockchain been through and even though there were a lot of hate that emerge during the downtimes, it is amazing how many optimistic individuals that emerge.

The communities did a big leap motivating and encouraging the ones who wish to stay and kept creating contents. It's inspiring to see people working hard in keeping the Steem blockchain alive - from investors to community leaders and the Steemians.

It inspires me to be optimistic in life as well.


As a relatively newbie on Steemit I am not as enthusiastic as I was when I started already. The rewards decrease because steem goes down. On top of that one is restricted in terms of giving upvotes, everything is visible on the blockchain, you cannot contact and talk privately to people.. If you want to build up your account it is only possible by buying steem power. I think businesswise I would be better off in other social media platforms, Okay letโ€™s see how that all develops. But I am a bit of a sceptic here.


@Sweven, For sure "Communities" and "Collaborations" because in this way we can grow together. And Development of Communities are really vital because, in my opinion in future we can see the complete "Tokenization" and then who knows communities can launch their own tokens and some are already doing it, so Communities and Collaborations are vital on Steem Blockchain.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. ๐Ÿ™‚