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Your Reaction! On knowing that Most of the Greatest Platforms available On the Internet Were Developed By High School Dropouts?

When you talk about college and high school dropout developing some of the most sophisticated platforms in the world it's a testament of the fact that sometimes being intelligent makes you stand out from people who are just educated however you must look at the fact that being drop out is not even the focal point, most people drop out and become drug addicts or sycophant in fact when we look at a major amount of minorities these days they drop out of school and either go to live with their boyfriends or involved in drugs.

The truth is that not every young person will actually become internet sensations and that is the reason why I applaud the likes of mark zuckerberg because he knew what he wanted and he actually went for it, how many people in the world now who are young knows their left from their right ? so it is all about prospect and all about ambition

The truth is that being a dropout from high school or college sometimes it's like giving yourself a chance to actually focus on your dreams but nevertheless I also think those people should be an inspiration to young people especially mark zuckerberg or bill gates who were actually young sensations who changed the world so my reaction is that there are so many positive lessons learnt from their life and at the same time I also think that people are not following the footsteps of people like this, because I think young people have a lot of potentials but they seem not  actually have prospects or have a master plan for their life


First, I like many others I wondered what I've been doing with all the time I had as a child. And I also had the desire to be like them, but life has a way of bringing you in touch with reality and it did just that to me.

Because of the examples set by these dropouts, many have left school in the hopes of creating the next Facebook. That's not entirely wrong, we should dream and dream big but many people fail to realize that these guys had a wealth of experience in the tech field before deciding to drop out.

Zuckerberg started coding at about 10 years old, he launched Facebook at age 20 in 2004. That means he already roughly had 10 years experience in coding before getting the big idea and leaving school. Unfortunately, many people with almost no skills whatsoever want to be dropouts thinking they'd be billionaires also. 

For me, knowing about them emphasizes the need to start early in whatever we want to do and to realize that it must take time to hone our skills before getting the big break.


This is really interesting to know about this fact but the truth is been a dropout doesnt make one feel good at all and it also deprieve you from your emotion.

The truth of the matter is if you can standout from that depression knowing fully well that you can make it even when been a dropout that you can still be somebody in the society while not that is throughly the begin of success.

To drop out of school means to quit your studies before finishing them. But it doesn't mean giving up on your life.

After all, life is different for everyone. We all have our own hopes and challenges. And the paths to success are just as varied as the people on this planet. No two are ever truly identical. So you don't have to follow the crowd in order to have a satisfying journey.

Even so, it helps to know where the potential pitfalls are. And it helps even more to know the strategies that other people have used. That's because, before you arrive at a brighter future, you first have to overcome what's holding you back.