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Your reaction! On living in a world which is highly influenced by Digitalization and Western Culture?

I guess it's great. Digitization of everything has it's benefits. There are definitely the bad side of these. 

Ever since the United States became the super power the western culture has become the dominant culture that most countries would want to follow. I think the good side of this is that, the United States has the most important technological advances in the world to date. China has been heavily influenced in Western culture and they have since then become the second most technological advance country at the moment. 

Digitalization of things is really important as everything nowadays can be transferred transmitted and stored digitally without the need for physical assets. Movies now can be streamed digitally. Netflix has been the pioneer in this. Imagine if  the world still used physical storage for movies, cds and books. That would be a mountain load of resources that would other wise be used for other purposes. 

Even the world map has been digitally placed into google maps. The good side of having the world map in a database instead of in the past where when you go travelling, you needed to bring a physical map which was hard to use, we could save tons of space for maps. GPS have become something that we can't miss in our life nowadays. It has become something so important. With GPS, planes can fly accurately and cars could find the best routes to travel to without wastage of petrol. Cars now have digital monitors which could monitor everything about your car. 

The world is also going to be a lot more safer especially for those who are more honest and won't do any damage to the society. Police can easily track criminals. There are tons of good things about digitalization. Of course, western culture has it''s negative influence. The local culture loses it's native culture in generations to come and adapts the new westernized culture. I think humans have this sensor that is built in them to detect the type of things they want to do. 


First, I believe culture is always changing. More often than not, it rests within the purview of a few influential entities including celebrities, religious leaders and the media.

So for me, a western culture is just like every other culture. I cannot change it but I don't have to become like them. As long as it's not a culture that forces me to conform, I believe we'll get along well.

As for digitalization, it's something that's going to happen anyway. I might as well embrace it before I'm forced to.

Plus, k believe I can always contribute to whatever culture I find myself in. Culture isn't static. It's always evolving.