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Travelling to a New Country is an Adventure in itself, Tips On making Your Journey more Delightful and being More efficient with Your Money While Travelling?

If you are travelling to a new country. Here are some tips to make your journey worthwhile.

Make sure you travel with your camera so you can take pictures of lovely places you may come by while still on the journey and even when you have arrived your destination.

Go online and browse about some fantastic places in the country before departing to the country, browse about their restaurants, hotels. Since you are visiting the place for the first time you will probably need to lodge in a hotel.

Why I included the restaurant is because you might not always want to eat the food from the hotel where you are lodging, you might want to try another restaurant.

Don't forget to also browse about the tourist attractions that one can find in the country so as to have a fun filled visit.


If you know there's a spot where you're going to do a lot of shopping, go there first.  You're less likely to spend all of your money if you know that you need it to last another week.

Case in point, I did this on my first trip to Japan in 2015.  Our guide put Akihabara on the list as the very first place we'd visit. So I'm wandering around Super Potato, looking at all the games, and telling myself "I want that, but I shouldn't.  I need to make my money last."

I wound up spending about ¥3500 (~$30USD at the time) on some DDR games and then went back before the end of the trip to spend the rest of my money.

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