Stability On Steem Prices could Attract! Investors, Entrepreneurs, New users on the Blockchain in the New Year?

There has been disenchantment in the cryptocurency world for quite a while now. This principal upon the Consistently bull run resulting in consistent loses of invested Resources.

As the year is ebbing to an end, most investors and players in the Crypto Word are praying and strategizing for a better 2019 where their investments in Cryptos portfolio would worth their efforts and therefore sustain further patronage, even as new participants in this investment subsector could be attracted.

The core challenge of the cryptocurency trade cum Investment , which has deterred mainstream investors like those in Stocks , is its Volatility in prices. It is therefore almost impossible to plan .

If new investors are to be attracted, while the players are retained, there must be Conscious effort to stabilize Cryptos prizes within sub unit fluctuations. To achieve this , these should be attended :

1) While The Decentralization of Cryptos issuance is Maintained , it should be upen up to mild centralised regulation by all player in the subsector.

2) The centralised regulation Authority should vigorously pursue aggressive information across boards on Cryptocurency as an alternative , but secure means of transactions settlement.

3) Mainstream Investments players in the Stock Exchanges worldwide Should be Deliberately Lobbied to invest in Cryptos.This is suggested to imbue credibility and trust into the system.

4)Exchanges Between Coins should be lubricated to facilitate easier inter Coin exchange.

It is expected that every player would sing a new song in 2019 , if the Foregoings are implemented. As novel as some of these thoughts are, they could become better as your comments imputs could steenthen them.


@Sweven, In my opinion it's just not about the Steem means, we all know that Bitcoin dominates on Crypto Market so, Altcoins follow the trend of Bitcoin, but yes, in future when the Domination of Bitcoin will reduce and more innovation enter into the market which will bring ease of business then in my opinion we can expect effective prices. Stay blessed. 🙂